Meet Edgar

Edgar: Life-Changing Social Media Management

Meet Edgar, the best new social media update tool you’ve never heard ...
Recipe For Change 2015

Recipe For Change 2015

It’s time for Recipe for Change: Join 30 Chefs, 4 Wineries and 2 Craft ...
baju menu

In the Restaurant Business

Jason Rees has taken over the kitchen at Baju BBQ above the ...
Awesome Life Detox Day 1

Awesome Life Detox Day 1: Thoughts

Warning: This post is very stream-of-consciousness and a little disjointed and SQUIRREL!
The sushi bites were supposed to look like this.

Persimon Says: Have A Persimmon Pizza Party

I set out to do the Persimon Persimmon blogger campaign and got ...

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Old site, New Host

This site was down and now it’s back. I simultaneously missed it and felt a sense of freedom.

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Zomato Buys Urbanspoon

Last week it was announced that Zomato bought Seattle-based Urbanspoon, taking Zomato into the U.S. market.

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(Not my kit.)

Sometimes I still want my “mommy”.

Interested in essential oils?  I’ve now got a wholesale account with Young Living and you can get in on it for less than retail price.

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Sense Appeal Coffee

Setting Up the Day for Success

Day 1 of the 15 Days to Freedom Blog Challenge focuses on the daily success plan. It integrates with my written vision, which I did for other purposes.

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Hate the word “superfood”?

Are you a superfood hoarder like me? Assessing and sharing some comments about superfoods that I read in the Renegade Health newsletter.

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A Shy Girl Steps Up to a Microphone

Once upon a time… I grew up introverted and very shy. I barely spoke. When I was 9 my mother wrote me a lovely speech to give at my sister’s bat mitzvah. My sister did her part, we moved onto the reception, food, DJ, speeches. I got to the podium and froze, gripped by stage fright so crippling […]

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When Ignorance Is Bliss

Navjit Kandola on choosing ignorance is bliss over information, on not knowing everything being okay.

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Lit Up

2014 Reflections, 2015 Projections

Looking back on 2014 and forward to 2015 with five goals and three core desired feelings.

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Most Popular Posts, 2014

Looking back on my blog posts from 2014.

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Photo credit: Jesse Milns, BlogTO

Borealia: Bringing historical foods into the new world

Borealia on Ossington Ave. brings native food into the modern age. The food is fantastic, the atmosphere warm, the restaurant worth a visit.

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