21 Days to Health: My first video blog

First off, I often think that no one reads my blogs but last night a number of people retweeted me (both of my Twitter accounts that mentioned the blog post) and today at the office I learned of three colleagues who had read it. Thanks for reading. It means a lot that you enjoyed and read even if you didn’t enjoy what you read.

As promised I recorded some video this morning. It was supposed to be in 2 stages. In the first one I introduced the segment and showed two lemons side-by-side, one organic and one conventional. The second was supposed to be the main video post. It being my first video recording using Mac’s Photo Booth program, I played the second video back before realizing that it stopped almost 4 minutes in because I went over to Twitter for a moment. I then had to redo the second part of that video, interrupting the flow, trying to remember what I’d said. The first take was the best. Then, I recorded a post script but kept calling “melons” “lemons” and another couple of attempts had no sound. Below you’ll see what I mean. I’m including one of the attempts without sound because I think it’s funny. You can add your own subtitles. (Update: In YouTube they have sound. In Photo Booth and Quick Time no sound. Subtitles would have been funny though.) Now, where did I put my freeze ray?

Part 1:

As I mentioned, after uploading to YouTube I noticed that it had also got cut off. Imagine that after I showed the lemons I explained that the big one was conventionally grown and the smaller was from a bag of organic lemons.

P.S. I put on pants too but only because I was cold.

Part 2:

I got cut off when I went over to Twitter to check a name. I thought it was still recording. Lesson learned. When I say that Meghan uses a glass, I mean, a regular tall water glass. One whole lemon. That’s hard core. I use half or one lemon for a liter. Also, I’m always under the impression that no one reads my blog. Analytics imply that I get few hits. This explains my comments at the beginning. I think it helps that my friends and colleagues follow the Twitter account that isn’t associated with my blog and I mentioned my blog post on that account too. (I usually forget though it’s set up automatically on @cdnfoodiegirl.)

What got cut off: Me talking about having lots of fun with my straw yesterday and how I drank so much that I feared drinking too much or floating away.

I’m omitting that third part here because there’s really not much in that segment. I’d lost my focus. I rambled. I gave the Twitter name for ecoexistance. I drank the second half of my water, which made slurping noises. The swallows sound loud. I said that I had fun and that I’d enjoyed watching the footage of the previous part. I said goodbye.


I re-recorded post-script so many times but as I said up at the top, things kept going wrong and twice I got no audio. Once I provided an incorrect URL. This is the one I’ve embedded below. I’d actually deleted this one because I accidentally said “Fiesta Farms dot com” rather than “dot ca” but restored it because it was the best of the bunch when I thought that those other two were silent films.

One of the videos that I’m calling an outtake because it has no audio, except it has audio and is better than the one above. If I was more organized and was willing to spend more time on this post I might have posted it first, however I was out this evening (wings, beer and pickles for some birthday parties) and it’s past my bed time. I like this one:

Spot the indication that I’m a nerd: 1) “I’m Tweeting this” t-shirt from 2) ThinkGeek. 3) The word “Frak” (as used in Battlestar Galactica). 4) Dr. Horrible.


I need a second glass straw and/or a hemp sleeve. The store only had a shorter sleeve.

Today was a challenging one in the 21 Days: Eating every four hours or more often. I eat when I’m hungry and have a liquid breakfast. I need to 1. Drink it all at once rather than be distracted. 2. Listen to my body for cues of hunger. Other than the usual feeling of “hunger” I might find myself light-headed or fidgety or I might have a headache. Body temperature is sometimes a cue.

Tomorrow I’m supposed to eat at least 2 meals at a table, without distraction. Does reading a book about goats and cheese making count? (Yes. I’m not allowed to do anything but eat.)

Businesses & other stuff mentioned in the video:

Be kind. Or give me constructive criticism.

Eat well, be well. (Etc.)

Update (Jan 13): Okay, I was wrong in my video about having never learned how much water to “make”. My memory failed. Revisiting one of Meghan Telpner’s posts about lemon water (THE post about lemon water) I found this:

Lemon/Cayenne Wake-Up Call
1 quart/litre of warm water (I use regular water with just enough boiling water to make it warm)
1/2 lemon juiced
1/8 up to as much cayenne as you can handle

So I guess that’s where I got it and then forgot the source! But I didn’t remember why you’re supposed to warm water until I watched her video from Saturday. There’s so much information rolling around in my head that sometimes I’m amazed that I remember my own name.


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  1. January 12, 2011 at 9:03 pm #

    You are adorable! I want a glass straw and I’m going to start adding lemon and cayenne to my water. 😉

  2. January 13, 2011 at 8:51 am #

    Thanks, Paula!

    Do it in the morning on an empty stomach and then wait 30 minutes before eating (the time it takes to shower, get dressed, etc.). See my new update with link above. All the information you want is there. And if it’s not, that’s what Google is for. 🙂

    Lemon’s also a great way to make water more palatable. I have a small bottle of lemon essential oil at the office and sometimes add a few drops to my water.


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