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Introducing CaffeineTO Week: 5 nights, 5 coffee and tea events in Toronto

From Monday, January 28 to Friday, February 1 the first ever CaffeineTO Week will offer a fresh brew of unique events with some of Toronto’s finest baristas, chocolatiers, and tea experts. CaffeineTO Week features five coffee, chocolate, and tea events around Toronto. CaffeineTO events: Monday, January 28: Chocolate and Coffee Sommelier Tasting at Chocosol Tuesday, January 29: LIT […]

Monday is National Coffee Day

Monday September 29 is National Coffee Day. Here are some resources. Will you think about it while drinking your cup? What will you drink?

PaleoCon Day 8: Biohacking, Paleo Myths & High Performance

PaleoCon Day 8: Today is about living better: Sleep better, run better, improve performance & don’t believe everything the “experts” say.

Detoxing the Food Sensitivities Away

If you’re easily skittish reading about allergic reactions than you can pass on this post. For years I had a problem with yeast, though I didn’t really know what it was. Since childhood my left thumb served as a scratching post and my scalp was constantly itchy and as a result, red, raw, and scabby. If my […]

Vitamix, meet Omega juicer: Juicey green smoothie

Followers might remember that I like my smoothies and juices. For years smoothies were my breakfast of choice. I’d blend one in the morning, pour into a mason jar, take it to work and sip all morning through one of my glass smoothie straws. My stomach doesn’t like solid food in the morning and a […]

Product of the month: SISU To Go Ester-C Energy Boost

Welcome to my new feature: Product of the Month, where I’ll feature new products that I’ve discovered, tried and liked. I discovered this product in Alive magazine – the actual, on paper magazine, that I picked up from a Noahs’s Natural Foods store. I bought the product, the company doesn’t know I’m writing about it. […]

Upcoming event: Total Health Show 2012

Total Health Show, April 20-22, Metro Toronto Convention Centre North Building. Total Health 2012 Canada’s premier national health show, will celebrate 35 years of striving to make a difference in the world, bringing cutting edge knowledge to the public by the leading innovators in the natural health field. Speakers will focus on creating good health […]

My Yom Kippur sermon for 2011

Doh! I broke my blogging streak. 6 days in a row and I had a post planned for yesterday. Oh well, even g-d rested on a 7th day. And speaking of god, tonight the Jewish holiday of Yom Kippur starts and I feel like I should say something about it. I always seem to leave […]

Trenta’s Terror: Misinformation & Propaganda

This post was originally part of my previous News Bites post but it was too big for the format. It sat as a draft for a few days before I modified it for clarity and expanded it: Graphic: How big, exactly, is Starbucks’ new ‘Trenta’ size? [National Post] I actually first noticed it when Serious […]

Sense Appealing

There are two types of coffee drinkers: Those who drink it primarily for the caffeine (subdivided into those who like coffee and those who don’t), and those who drink it for the flavour. A word about the former: I don’t understand people who drink it just for the caffeine. Okay I do a little bit.  […]