A shake of this, a splash of that…(announcements & updates)

  • The “edible” that I posted a photo of on Tuesday was a puffball mushroom. Michelle commented on it and guessed correctly.
  • Booze, Blues & BBQs has been cancelled.
  • The Choco-Locate contest ends tomorrow at midnight. The next steps will be to cross reference entries with those who registered the app (Choco-Locate’s request), then let Rafflecopter randomly choose a winner from the remaining names. We’ve got 103 entries.
  • I’m heading to New York on Sunday night. Here’s why:

I am attending SMX East

…I’m going a day early to get a few more meals in and hopefully see friends and family.

Today’s National Organic Week organic fact: In the U.S. there is a fine of $10,000 per item for anyone who knowingly sells a non-organic product labeled with the USDA organic seal that features the words “USDA organic” inside a circle.

See you tomorrow, or Saturday.


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