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Writer.  Food lover. Nutrition researcher. Healthy eating advocate. BBQ competitor.

Mission statement: “Writes to educate.”

Welcome to my food and wellness blog.

About me

I live in Toronto, Ontario (will travel if I have the transportation to do so).

I am an advocate of healthy eating and healthy living. I believe in eating real food. Real food doesn’t have an ingredient list.

I’m Jewish, which is reflected in many of my posts. However, I’m not kosher and figure that G-d’s got bigger fish to fry. No one knows why kashrut laws exist anymore except that the Old Testament had a few phrases about it. Maimonides said that it’s one of those laws that you take on faith and obey. It’s written that the torah exists for the people. I interpret that as making of it what you want, adapting to our times, and acknowledging that it’s not perfect.

Other interests:

I’m a government employee, digital marketing and web professional; a blogging consultant, an SEO (search engine optimization) consultant and web coach.

A news and blog junkie.

Take a look at my writing website.

The story of the name

“Andrea the Gastronaut” refers to a song from my childhood, called “Andrea the Astronaut” (listen to a sample of Andrea the Astronaut here – the female half of the duo, Rosalie, now has a business called Health in Harmony as a Stress Consultant, Nutrition Consultant and Registered Nutritional Consulting Practitioner). The reason the URL doesn’t match is that related domain names were unavailable.

It confuses people who don’t know whether to call me “Canadian Foodie Girl” or “Andrea the Gastronaut”. Here’s my advice: Refer to my website as Andrea the Gastronaut (this should on name tags at media events where the media outlet name would go). I can be referred to as either or by my first name.

And speaking of media:

What’s this blog about?

A note to PR companies

People often ask me what my blog is about and want an answer more specific than “food”.

  • Lifestyle with a nutrition angle; food, health and wellness.
  • I sometimes review products and restaurants.
  • I go to events and write about them.

I also tweet a lot, use Pinterest a little and use Facebook and LinkedIn a lot.

PR companies are welcome to contact me but I don’t accept every offer that comes my way.

What will I not accept:

Junk food. Processed food.

If you’ve got a campaign that involves food and health, contact me.

How I inherited my passion for healthy living, and a disclosure on nutritional claims

My maternal grandfather was a doctor. One of his daughters, my aunt, is a doctor (MD), author and lecturer who’s often called on as an expert on television (Dr. Oz, The View, MSNBC, Breakfast Television) and radio and in news publications in the area of integrative medicine. She speaks on topics ranging from complementary medicine and psychiatry, anti-aging, women’s health (including natural hormone therapy), weight management, to stress reduction, and natural treatments for addictions, anxiety disorders, and depression. My mother is an Integrative Psychotherapist, Counselor and Wellness Consultant specializing in Emotionally Focused Therapy for Rapid Emotional Healing. She’s a Certified Clinical Aromatherapist, a Master Practioner of Neurlingistic Programming (NLP), a practitioner of EFT (aka Tapping) and has an overall interest in wellness and healthy living.

While I sometimes make nutritional claims  and provide general advice, I am not a certified nutritionist or health care practitioner myself. I have never gone to school for nutrition or health, though it is definitely a path I’ve considered. I think that when the time is right to pursue it, I’ll know. In the meantime, I am a nutrition researcher. I’ve learned by living and absorbing, with an interest in nutrition and passion and aptitude for research. Very often I do research while drafting blog entries. The interest in nutrition and natural health is in part influenced by my family and there are many people in my life that share this interest.

I have friends who are nutritionists and my network of natural health experts continues to grow. I don’t always seek them out and sometimes I don’t learn about their expertise until later.

When making statements in blog posts I mostly try to use sources that aren’t primarily trying to sell product and mostly avoid sourcing websites belonging to product companies. The information might be valid but the implication of bias is too easy to dispute. When I use family and friends as sources I’m doing so because I truly believe in what they say and trust them as credible sources. Sometimes I make statements based on personal experience or something I may have read in the past but don’t recall the source of. I’m a consumer of natural health products and supplements and can speak from the consumer perspective.

I do know some awesome naturopaths and nutritionists so while I can’t give you any official advice I can refer you.

Disclosure about affiliate sites:

I have a few affiliate sites on the sidebar and store – Upaya Naturals, Meghan Telpner Inc., Danielle LaPorte, The Real Food Summit, The Paleo Summit, PaleoCon, The Real Food Summit, The Gluten Summit and Food Matters. I chose these affiliations because I believe in them. I have dropped affiliate companies in the past.

About my social media icons

I like to give credit wherever I can, especially if I’m using something for free. I searched online for a good set of food-themed social media icons and, after rejecting many, found and loved these ones. Here’s what I found:

For all upcoming restaurant, recipe or just food related websites, we are proud to announce a new, free set of icons created exclusively for our Blog, by Los Angeles Branding and Logo Design expert, Omid Mousaei.

You may download and enjoy these Icons with and/or without utensils for your personal or commercial projects, but may not distribute them other than sharing this page or Omid’s Logo Design Company, who we thank for this contribution!

If you use them too, be nice and provide credit. Thanks.