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Hi, remember me? I used to be a food blogger

In which I talk about being part of Recipe For Change as a food purveyor and the realization that I’m not really a food blogger anymore.

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Cafe Belong-Pass the Table-menu

Pass the Table & #FeastON’s 100% grass-fed beef dinner

Several months ago when I started my new website I didn’t know what I was going to do with this one. One possibility that I was drawn to was to keep it up for local events. Then I went to one and realized that I miss food blogging. For years my food blog was taking […]

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New Post at the New Website: UnDiet Cookbook Review

For those of you still checking in here, follow this: The UnDiet Cookbook: 150 Pages of Wow

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Finding Health & Wellness: An Update

In April I announced my new website, Finding Health & Wellness. It’s currently in soft launch. There’s still more work to do, but I’m designing/creating as I go rather than creating the site separately and getting it all up at once. I want content up, even if it’s not perfect. The site looks completely different […]

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Corrado's S&M burger

What to eat, or not eat, at the CNE in 2015

Here’s what to see & do at the CNE in 2015.

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A liver recipe for those who don’t like liver

Liver is one of those things I can take or leave. Being Jewish, I grew up eating chopped liver (the best analogy is that it’s like pate). Chicken livers tasted better to me than cow. I also know that liver is nutrient-dense. In doing a quick Google search for this article I came across this […]

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Anxiety Summit recordings/transcripts available at special pricing!

Sign up for Anxiety Summit for free. Purchase it for a special price (starting at just $49) before May 20.

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Healthy Travelers Summit Banner Bus

Encore to the Healthy Travelers Global Summit!!

Surprise Encore Day for the Healthy Travelers Global Summit. Today only view every single presentation for free.

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School is Now in Session: It’s Summit Season

I haven’t been posting about summits here because that’s the purpose of my new website, which is still mid-launch. However, I wanted to share a few recent/current ones with you: Healthy Traveler’s Global Summit TODAY is the LAST DAY to order the All Access Pass for the Healthy Traveler’s Global Summit and SAVE $100! By tomorrow […]

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Notes From the Universe: On Faith

Notes From the Universe are daily personal notes that inspire and help you get through your day and through your life. Some days they really resonate, some days less so. They’re there when you need them, reminding you that the universe has your back.

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