The Awesome Life Detox: Ready to Be Awesome?

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Awesome Life Detox

Are you ready for a life detox or even tired of the word “detox” altogether?

My friend Meghan Telpner has created “The Awesome Life Detox”. Any time Meghan releases a new program I pay attention. I don’t always participate, but I pay attention. The focus of the Awesome Life Detox is your health, your happiness and ultimately, how to live the most fulfilling, awesome life possible. It’s a more holistic approach to cleaning up your life, than just the nutrition part of it.

Awesome Life Detox

I read Meghan’s introductory post about the Awesome Life Detox program after she posted it to Facebook and a few passages jumped out at me:


As I was editing my cookbook this fall, this paragraph from the first chapter leapt out at me, lodged in my mind and wouldn’t shake itself loose.

“For any of your dietary efforts to be healing, you are going to have to choose awesomeness. That means choosing fun, laughter, lightness, smiles, rest, fresh air, deep breaths, gentle movement, openness, love, and kindness more often than anything else. The best part is that these things are completely free. All you have to do is choose. How we go through life, our approach and response to all that is placed before us (or that lands on our shoulders) will impact our overall level of health and vitality. The greatest hindrances to our health are the stresses we create in our own minds. Choosing happiness as often as we can is a key factor in taking our lives to that next vibrant level. That, my friend, is a fact. No amount of salad will heal you if you’re miserable about eating it. End of story.

It was that last part that resonated with me, and it’s really another version of a message she’s been spreading for several years. I once heard her quote a former teacher of hers who said something like, “I’d rather eat a burger with a friend than a salad with an enemy.” The idea being that happiness and peace are key. I’ve been quoting that and sharing it for years.

*Tweet this: No amount of salad will heal you if you’re miserable about eating it. End of story.*


And so, as we began meeting here in the kitchen about what our first 2015 program would be, I knew two things:

1. The world did not need another Green Smoothie Cleanse.

2. I wanted to develop something that was new, urgent, big and important for you and for me. I wanted to create something that would inspire your life in a different way.

What struck me about the statement about the Green Smoothie Cleanse is that Meghan was one of the first in this current generation of health experts to do a group Green Smoothie Cleanse. In another post recently she said this:

When I began exploring health and nutrition, nearly 10 years ago, there wasn’t a lot to choose from in terms of nutritionists to follow, healthy food blogs to read, or online courses to participate in (I mean, there was barely Facebook). I was lucky to be one of the early birds in the field. I’ve written 2,000+ posts on this website and now, with, have a whole other way I get to teach and share.

There are dozens of articles out there that will tell you why blueberries are good for you. There are loads of recipes for green smoothies. You can learn how to add more fermented foods to your diet by scrolling through a Google search while sitting on the bus. That kind of information is out there in abundance.

This Awesome Life Detox is an extension of all that and shows how she’s evolved in her knowledge, her lifestyle and her business. It’s been really cool to see this happen. I’ve been joking for years that “I want to be Meghan when I grow up” – even though she’s a few years younger than me.

Awesome Life Detox: Hightlights

Some of the highlights of the Awesome Life Detox which are particularly interesting to me and I hope to you-

This isn’t a detox that involves skin brushing, psyllium and green juice, unless you want it to.

The Awesome Life Detox is a change from the usual, especially for a January/new year program.

Diet is not the focus (though you will have a binding contract with yourself that limits the crap you can eat).

I don’t know if you noticed it, but there’s a specific word choice there. It “limits” the crap but doesn’t “eliminate” it? Wha’??? Who is this girl and what has she done with Meghan?

I suppose that the term “crap” is subjective. What’s “crap” to one person might be healthy to someone else. For example, berries with yogurt, maple syrup or coffee. I’ve read interesting conversations about this in a few places recently, including the Fix Your Digestion Facebook page and Mark’s Daily Apple (“What’s considered ‘cheating’?”).

These 10 days are going to be game changing as we explore everything from the space we live in, the things we collect, the thoughts we think, our relationships with ourselves, our love for our feet (yep!), the art we create in our cubicles, and where our money goes each month. There’s more, too. And yes, all in 10 days.

That does sound awesome! An Awesome Life Detox.

Each day also includes a new practice to try on for size, focussing on a different area of our life, plus ongoing daily practices we can pick up if the feeling’s right.

“ongoing daily practices we can pick up if the feeling’s right.” Flexibility. I also interpret that point as incremental changes. It’s nice.

Read all the highlights in Meghan’s post Is 2015 The Year To Be Awesome?

Registration for the Awesome Life Detox opens on Friday, December 12th. Be the first to know!

Awesome Life Detox


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