Awesome Life Detox Day 1: Thoughts

Warning: This post is very stream-of-consciousness and a little disjointed and SQUIRREL!

First off, registration is still open but closes at 5pm today. If you wanted to register and haven’t yet, do it now.


I spent some time going over the materials. First thoughts:

1. It’s very thorough. It’s very well written. It integrates with her other online products. Meghan’s got her shit together here. Seriously, it rocks.

2. Some immediate intimidation. The contract for the program, which I think is a cool idea for accountability, outlines 6 commitment categories with 12 commitments total (see below). It begins with

Commit On The Clock
• I commit to spending 60 to 90 minutes of every day of this life detox to fulfilling the tasks and practices required to help me take my life to the next level.

This intimidates me.



I’m not sure if this is cumulative 60-90 or all-at-once, or if it’s an average or approximation, but all-at-once won’t happen.

A full 12-hour break from screen time? Very possible. 8 hours of sleep? Ditto. Moving and shaking for at least 30 minutes? That’s a dog walk.

I’ve been meditating for 10-20 minutes almost every morning for the last week and reflecting on my day every day ’cause I’m back on the Spirit Junkie wagon using an approach that combines the teachings and theories of many wise women including Gabrielle Bernstein and Danielle LaPorte. I discovered last week that my dog’s beds make great meditation cushions. They’re the right size for my bum. So I’ll take The Awesome Detox day-by-day and follow it, working it into other practices and vice versa.

3. I’m not much of a paper girl. I like to fill out everything digitally. I’ll likely take a hybrid approach, filling in the journal page each day but reading the contact on computer or device. I’ve created a notebook in Evernote for the Awesome Life Detox and attached the PDFs.

And in those second two points there’s a theme that emerges: Following “the plan” but personalizing it for me. Stretching myself to try different things. Combine approaches. Try different journals and notebooks. Create my own. Paddle my own canoe, to borrow from Nick Offerman. I haven’t read his book Paddle Your Own Canoe yet but I watched the last two thirds of his stand up special that promoted the book (my man started watching it on Netflix without me) and what I got from it is that in the end you have to do your own thing.*

Read, learn, see what resonates, take what you need.

I know, one of my intentions for 2015 was to read less about enlightenment/self-improvement/personal development because I was getting overwhelmed and feeling a bit stuck in the cycle, but there’s no reason I can’t use the tools I have, learn some new ones and use them knowing that they’re being used short term with long term benefit.

I read a good quote this morning. It wasn’t by anyone famous or in the context of being inspirational. The headline article was “The 2 Questions to Answer Before You Read Yet Another Productivity Article” and the statement was, “…there’s nothing productive about reading them; it’s just another form of procrastination.” Indeed.

With lots of tools in my toolkit, however, maybe my intuition will tell me each day what I need to use and when. By following programs such as The Awesome Life Detox, by doing the work prescribed in each, I’m training my mind, my subconscious, my soul, and adding to the toolbox so that I wake up in the morning and think, “Today I’m going to imagine my ideal day.” or “Today I’m going to stop every hour and recite a mantra from May Cause Miracles or Miracles Now.” or “Today I’m going to stop what I’m doing every hour, take a walk, and do a 5 minute sitting meditation to acknowledge my thoughts.” Or maybe I’ll fly by the seat of my pants each day. Tap when I need to. Walk when I need to. Sit in silence when I need to. Visit my inner meditation place when I need to. (I still visualize St. Lucia.)

So, those are my thoughts today, in a stream-of-consciousness way.

Today’s Awesome Life Detox Question of the day: What thought spins in your mind most often? My Answer:

Awesome Life Detox Day 1

*Heh. My man later made reference to the same thing. Paddling our own canoes could be a common theme this year.

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