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If you’re my Facebook friend, or Jason’s, or Zane Caplansky’s, you know that Jason has taken over the kitchen at Baju, Caplansky’s two month old BBQ restaurant at the Monarch Tavern. The kitchen is all Jason’s.

As I said to the wife of the owner of the restaurant next door to my home, and later to a friend who offered Jason congratulations and me condolences,

I am now a restaurant widow.
(from Tuesday-Saturday.)

We’re on opposite schedules now. The restaurant closes at 11 p.m., so I’m in bed when he gets home. I go to work before he wakes up.

I am so. freakin’. happy.

Restaurant ownerships has been my vision for some time now and I’ve been joking that this is our “starter restaurant”, like “starter home”. My recent visioning exercise (imagining the future I want) included the restaurant before the arrangement was made formal, but it’s been in my mind for years. I might have mentioned it in the blog before – the vision that he work back of house and I work front (eventually).

baju menu

There are some items on this that I haven’t eaten

I’ve lost my personal chef, my dinner maker and my chief dog walker. I’m up at 6 a.m. to walk the dog. I’m home from work as soon as I can be, to walk the dog. I walk her after dinner.  Sooo much time outside with the dog.

I’m excited.

Read all about it in this Post City article by our friend David Ort: Jason Rees takes over Zane Caplansky’s Baju BBQ at the Monarch Tavern

When I saw David’s article I squealed inwardly and then thought, “Holy fuck, it’s real.” I think that reaching your dreams is supposed to scare you a little bit.

When a friend asked how “Baju” is pronounced I answered, “Ba like bad, ju like jujube“.

The many shares and mentions on Facebook and Twitter today have been touching. Friends, but also strangers! One said,

Just ate at BAJU, the new @MonarchTavern BBQ joint. To all the haters. YOU’RE WRONG.

Hell, yeah. That’s my boy.

Meat eaters in Toronto have been waiting for this, they just didn’t know it.


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