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I’m one half of a competition barbecue team called The Pork Ninjas, members of the Kansas City Barbecue Society and the New England Barbecue Society. As such, we travel around and compete, mostly in New York state, once in Pennsylvania, occasionally in Canada. See the “barbecue” category of this blog to read stories of where we’ve been and other barbecue-related activities we’ve done since I joined in this endevor.

By the time I met him, Jason had been awarded multiple trophies and some money in what is an expensive hobby. Leader of The Pork Ninjas, he’s also cooked on other winning team teams at World Championship competitions The Jack Daniels Invitational and Memphis in May.

The Pork Ninjas cater, and not just barbecue or pork. We can make anything. Jason can make a souffle, and I’ve seen him do the happy dance over fiddleheads. His famous mac ‘n’ cheese is just as good gluten-free. Whether it’s a tagine or a terrine, he’ll feed you and feed you well. We accommodate vegetarians well. We’ll cook for 30 or 1000 people.

As of November 2015, you can find Pork Ninjas food 7 days a week from 5 p.m. onward at Wenona Lodge, 1069 Bloor St. W., Toronto