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I’m a day late to post this because I’ve been busy, but here’s the yesterday’s news from The Digestion Sessions. It’s copied verbatim from yesterday’s email marked “time sensitive” that I opened 27 hours after received, formatted for blog, commentary in square brackets. Links are affiliate links. Scroll down to see what’s playing this weekend.

Oh, how time flies.Tomorrow morning, we’ll be officially halfway through our Digestion Sessions presentations.

That’s when Round 4 kicks off and you’ll get to hear from Dr. Jillian Sarno Teta on one of my favorite topics…


If you’ve been living under a rock, that means Just Eating Real Food. 🙂

And we’re not just talking about how bone broth is good for your gut.

Nope, Dr. Jillian dishes at least two dozen gut-healing foods, herbs, and spices to get your digestive system back on track.

Speaking of real food, I’ve got something really special for you today.

From now thru Monday at 8am Pacific Time [that’s 11am Eastern], when you order The Digestion Sessions Digital Access Pass, I’ll also send you my entire Real Food Summit Digital Access package, FREE!

This package is loaded with video presentations, audio files, transcripts, and bonuses on all things real food from the likes of:

  • Jennifer McGruther: Reviving the Tradition of Fermentation
  • Sarah Pope: The Bountiful Benefits of Bone Broth
  • Chris Kresser: The Role of Fish and Seafood in the Real Food Diet
  • Paul Chek: Eating Whole Foods for Body, Mind, and Soul
  • Jeffrey Smith: GMO Foods – What the People Want to Know
  • David Getoff: The Historical Truth about Raw Fruit Consumption
  • Jordan Reasoner and Steve Wright: Real Food Digestive Troubleshooting
  • Mark McAfee: Raw Milk and the Broken, Depressed American Immune System
  • Joel Salatin: Real Food Defined
  • And 24 more!

So that’s TWO Digital Access Passes for the price of one.

I want my 2 for 1 digital access passes!

[Offer ends Monday at 11am ET]

By the way, you won’t find any information about the 2-for-1 sales on the order page. This was an on-the-fly idea that I thought you’d like.

NOTE: If you’ve already ordered The Digestion Sessions, your Real Food Summit portal has been unlocked. Enjoy!  [Truth! I got mine! I already owned it.]

Digestion Sessions offer

And today’s Digestion Session news…

I’m sure you’re wondering exactly which foods you can use to heal your gut — to boost your stomach acid, increase enzyme activity, feed the good bacteria, and kill the bad guys.Today at The Digestion Sessions, Dr. Jillian Sarno Teta reveals at least two dozen foods, herbs, and spices you can add to your diet to speed up the healing process and stoke your digestive fire.

Plus, you’ll get…

  • A back-to-basics lesson on every phase of your digestive process (and what can go wrong) from Reed Davis.
  • Never-heard-before naturopathic strategies for IBS and IBD from the brilliant Dr. Steven Sandberg-Lewis.
  • And 3 delicious, gut-healing recipes from Chef Lance Roll, master of the bone broth.

Here’s the link:

Register for The Digestion Sessions

The 48-hour FREE viewing period for our fourth round of sessions will end Monday at 8am Pacific Time [11am Eastern]. So head over now!

And don’t forget, our 2-for-1 weekend sale is still on!

When you order the Digestion Sessions Digital Access Pass — with lifetime streaming and downloadable access to all 25 HD videos, mp3 audio files, transcripts, cooking classes, cookbook, and more — you’ll also get my Real Food Summit digital package FREE.

The Real Food Summit features over 24 hours of real food-focused video and audio presentations from the likes of Chris Kresser, Paul Chek, Joel Salatin, Kelly the Kitchen Kop, Dr. Cate Shanahan, Yuri Elkaim, Chris Masterjohn, Jeffrey Smith, and many more.

You get all 33 Real Food Summit sessions, FREE. You can see the entire lineup here(Please don’t order it on that page!) Just place your Digestion Sessions Digital Access Pass order through the link below beforeMonday at 8am Pacific and I’ll send it over right away.

So that’s TWO Digital Access Passes for the price of one.

I want my 2 for 1 digital access passes!

This Weekend’s Digestion Sessions Presentations

Jillian Sarno Teta - The Digestion Sessions

Beyond Bone Broth: Healing Your Gut With Real Foods
Dr. Jillian Sarno Teta, ND

Reed Davis

The 4 Rs of Gut Healing
Reed Davis, FDN

Dr. Steven Sandberg-Lewis

A Naturopathic Approach to IBS and IBD
Dr. Steven Sandberg-Lewis, ND

Chef Lance Roll - Digestion Sessions

One Pot Paleo Thai Chicken Braise With Bone Broth
Chef Lance Roll


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