Rant: New year, new you?

[Awaking from a dream at 7am today I had a great rant in my head about New Years Resolutions related to weight loss but I didn’t want to get out of bed to type them out, nor did I take sufficient notes. By the time I sat down at my laptop 13 hours later, the rant had disappeared from memory. No surprise there. So I wrote a different post. Then the rant came back to me. The rant is below, the “different post” is the next post.]

Waking the weight loss juggernaut

Ah, January 1st. The new year. When the new year’s resolution juggernaut is awakened and the rabid weight loss industry looks hungrily at its prey. In this food chain: Weight loss industry (companies, marketers, advertisers), media (writers, buyers), regular people.

The rest of the post Rant: New Year, New You? has moved to my new website, Finding Health & Wellness. The follow-up (linked below) will remain.

Let’s look at the “new year’s resolution” another way…

(To be continued.)


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