BBQ results: Brockport

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Pineapple upside down cake

Well, I easily got through my first rainy competition. It rained on and off on Saturday while we were competing. Saturday’s contests:

  • New England Barbecue Society contest: chicken wings, sausage, steak & chef’s choice
  • rib cook-off
  • chili cook-off (chili rules: No beans or pasta)
  • Kids ‘Q: beef and dessert

Last year The Pork Ninjas came in 3rd in chili. This year we slipped.

Our chicken wings came in 5th (chicken “lollypops”), our sausage came in 6th, our steak came in 7th. The judge’s evidently agreed with us that our “chef’s choice”, a pineapple upside down cake, was terrible. That’s it in the top photo. It came in third last. Not a great showing but we had fun.


We do have a kid’s team, called The Ninja Piglets, comprised of the two daughters of the other teammate. The Ninja Piglets won 1st place in both of their categories. Dessert earned a perfect score and the kid’s team was named Grand Champion for the second consecutive year. That’s the highest award you can get at a contest. You can bet they’ll be rubbing it in their dad’s face all year.

On Saturday evening we had the chance to spend some time in a swimming pool & shower, thanks to our friends from Behind BBQ who live near the competition.

Not much to say about Sunday, but I will congratulate the top 10:
1. Shortville Smokers
2. Buffalo Meatheads
3. Team Eatepedia
4. Good Smoke BBQ
5. Butt Hutt BBQ
6. The 5th Artery
7. Can’t Stop Grillin
8. Yabba Dabba Que
9. Buckner Brothers
10. Swine Syndicate

I’d like to note that #3 is a Canadian team from Ottawa. Picture me waving a Canadian flag right now.

Full results at the KCBS website.

Also, my red pajamas with white polka-dots made an impression on Sunday morning. I don’t know why people are surprised to see me walking around in my pajamas at 7am. Next time I should wear pajamas with animal pattern, or pajamas with feet, or animal slippers. In fact, maybe I need to bring one article of clothing each time that might surprise people.

Chicken wings

Saturday’s chicken wings.

I’m happy to not eat meat again for awhile. On our way home on Sunday we stopped for salads (and he got chili and a baked potato). As is our new tradition, on Monday night we went for vegetarian Mediterranean food (tapas – or “tape-ass”, if you prefer) at Mezzetta. For dinner on Tuesday when I was eating solo I made a kale strawberry salad.* Usually kale is a box garnish at BBQ contests but I bought fresh kale and strawberries from a farmers’ market. Wednesday: Grilled vegetables. This is how I usually roll in the summer.

I’m also glad that we’re staying town – or close to town – for the next few weeks. All this travel has been exhausting. We might drive a 2-3 hours to sit on a beach, but that’s it.

Here’s my basic kale avocado salad recipe from this week:
*Kale, juice from 1 lemon, smoked salt, walnut oil, lots of freshly ground pepper, maple syrup, almonds, sunflower seeds & strawberries. You want to massage the “dressing” ingredients into the kale for a minute or two (it softens up the kale by helping to break down the starches in the kale that an be a bit tough and harder to digest). I added each dressing ingredient to the kale and massaged, adding one at a time. Add the fruit and nuts last.
Walnuts, apple and/or pear, and avocado would have been nice but if we had walnuts, I couldn’t find them.

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  1. July 23, 2012 at 2:09 pm #

    That food looks so good.

    • Andrea
      July 23, 2012 at 6:25 pm #

      Thanks, Ilan!