Carrotlines app: Your new food shopping buddy

Healthy eating iPhone app Carrotlines has arrived, filling a niche that had been wide open in Canada.

Carrotlines - HomeFor a long time I’ve been reading American blog Fooducate. Fooducate has an app that helps consumers make healthier choices in the supermarket with its list of over 200,000 unique products accessible by scanning product UPC codes. It’s been featured in Oprah, USA Today, NYTimes, Wall Street Journal and a number of U.S. media outlets. Unfortunately, it’s only available in the U.S.

This is why I was so excited to hear about Carrotlines, a similar app available in Canada which recently relaunched. It’s a Canadian app made for Canadians.

Founded by a BC entrepreneur the company originally created an iPhone application that used the barcode on food labels to help Canadians choose food brands that match their nutrition needs. Version 1.o has been in the top 10 Health and Fitness Apps on the Canadian app store and featured on BNN’s App Central as well as in a number of premium media outlets. With version 2.0. brings new partnerships and features.

Carrotlines 2.0

Rebranded as Carrotlines powered by Tommy Europe™, Carrotlines has partnered with Toronto-born, Vancouver-based Tommy Europe to merge nutrition with fitness, making it an app to help with health goals. Europe is an award winning fitness coach (voted “Best Personal Trainer” in Vancouver), Slice TV host of “Bulging Brides” and “Last Ten Pounds Bootcamp” and Grey Cup Champion.

As a wellness expert with a goal of becoming a certified nutritionist & health coach, this is my kind of app.  Not only that, but when they asked me if I’d be interested in being a media sponsor, I accepted. As you know, I don’t accept every pitch. I decline most partnership requests. To clarify, this partnership doesn’t involve exchange of money, just promotion. It’s a partnership that makes sense. Furthermore, I really like the blogger and social media outreach that Carrotlines is doing. Follow them on Twitter (@carrotlines)  and watch the hashtag #carrotlove.

The Carrotlines experience:

Download the app.

The first time you open the app you’ll see an introduction video by Europe. Then you’ll be prompted to sign up or login. Then a whole world is opened up to you. Here’s what you can do with Carrotlines:

Create Profiles:

  • Customize and save multiple profiles
  • Select from 40 nutrition, vitamin, ingredient, allergy and lifestyle attributes
  • Choose from recommended profiles by Canadian Fitness Celebrity Tommy Europe.

Browse and Search:

  • Search by product name or keyword
  • Discover new products by attributes such as gluten-free, vegan, vegetarian, halal, kosher, made in Canada, Non GMO, Organic, and more


Product Details:
  • Know at a glance whether or not the product meets your needs
  • Quickly see the nutrition label in one screen
  • Connect on the go with your favourite brands
The Simply Bar - Carrotlines
  • Scan over 40,000 products all over Canada
  • Help improve the Carrotlines database by taking photos of missing products
  • Review your history of scans
  • Create and share your shopping list

Carrot lines scanning

Connect with expert Tommy Europe:
  • Receive exclusive fitness and nutrition tips from Tommy Europe™
  • Get exclusive Tommy Europe VIP Video Content for Nutrition & Fitness
Healthy Picks:
  • Discover new health brands and products
Healthy Recipes:
  • Explore recipes from your favourite brands and sites
  • Win prizes that align with your health and lifestyle goals!
Deals & Offers:
  • Deals in health, nutrition, and fitness

Don’t have an iphone?

Carrotlines is expected to be available for Android devices later in 2013.

Disclaimers and what this app can’t do

  1. This app is a tool to help you make healthy choices but you still need to know why you’re making said choices. It is NOT a diagnostic tool that will tell you how to eat.
  2. You still need to understand labels. There are lots of tools for that. I recommend Fooducate’s blog as just one resource.
  3. You need to know what nutritional profile is right for you. Aside from testing the app, there’s no point in blindly setting your profile to include or exclude nutrients, allergens or ingredients if you don’t need to. Basic example: There’s no need to exclude allergens that you’re not adversely affected by.
  4. Don’t jump on diet and lifestyle bandwagons without researching first. My rule of thumb: If you think that a diet or lifestyle might be right for you, research, then try it for a short period of time and see how you feel. Monitor yourself carefully. If it works for you keep at it. If it doesn’t, stop. I recommend talking to your wellness expert or health coach of choice one-on-one rather than just believing what you read on the internet because every person is different. When I decided recently to take care of my yeast and candida issues I started a detox based on a few protocols I’d read online and then met with a naturopath who prescribed a less intense detox than what I was doing based on a long intake form and conversation.

Product launch giveaway

What’s more, to celebrate the launch Carrotlines is giving away over $4,000 worth of amazing prizes to keep you fit, healthy, and happy this year. There are so many prizes, including two grand prizes worth $750 (two night stays in Vancouver at Hotel LeSoleil and Long Beach Lodge Resort) + a number of fitness and food prizes with values starting at $30. Also up for grabs: One Silver pass to this year’s Social Media Camp , Canada’s largest social media event, held in Victoria, BC May 6th-8th. ($599 value).

To be automatically entered simply download the FREE CarrotLines iPhone app. For prize information and extra entries go here.

Download the app and let me know what you think of it.

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