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Photo credit: Linda Matarasso

Hi, remember me? I used to be a food blogger

In which I talk about being part of Recipe For Change as a food purveyor and the realization that I’m not really a food blogger anymore.

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New Post at the New Website: UnDiet Cookbook Review

For those of you still checking in here, follow this: The UnDiet Cookbook: 150 Pages of Wow

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Finding Health & Wellness: An Update

In April I announced my new website, Finding Health & Wellness. It’s currently in soft launch. There’s still more work to do, but I’m designing/creating as I go rather than creating the site separately and getting it all up at once. I want content up, even if it’s not perfect. The site looks completely different […]

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Requisite selfie.

Jackson-Triggs: A Field Trip for Earth Month

Jackson-Triggs Estate in Niagara-on-the-Lake is impressively eco-friendly with amazing food.

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Weber Grill Academy

Weber Grill Academy

“Grilling means good times, good friends, and hopefully, great food.” -Bobby Flay The Weber Grill Academy is Canada’s first Grill Academy, offering indoor grilling and barbecue classes. I had a chance to visit last month and here’s my experience.

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Meet Edgar

Edgar: Life-Changing Social Media Management

Meet Edgar, the best new social media update tool you’ve never heard about. Edgar gives you more control over your social media updates by allowing you to sort updates into categories that are published based on a schedule that you choose. It’s a life changer.

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Old site, New Host

This site was down and now it’s back. I simultaneously missed it and felt a sense of freedom.

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Sense Appeal Coffee

Setting Up the Day for Success

Day 1 of the 15 Days to Freedom Blog Challenge focuses on the daily success plan. It integrates with my written vision, which I did for other purposes.

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When Ignorance Is Bliss

Navjit Kandola on choosing ignorance is bliss over information, on not knowing everything being okay.

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Lit Up

2014 Reflections, 2015 Projections

Looking back on 2014 and forward to 2015 with five goals and three core desired feelings.

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