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Dishing about Dish Do-Over

In her new book Dish Do-Over, Chef Jo Lusted lightens up the classics with 200 pages of comfort foods

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Cookbook gifts

The Gastronaut’s gift guide: Books

The first in a 5-part holiday gift guide series: Recommended food & wellness books.

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UnDiet takes over the world + get a free copy today

Meghan Telpner’s first book UnDiet gets world recognition. Here’s how you can get a free copy today.

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Everything Mediterranean, 2nd edition

My friend and fellow blogger Peter Minaki didn’t write the 1st edition of Everything Mediterranean, but, based on his highly successful Greek food blog, was recruited to write the 2nd. The first, he said, contained recipes that weren’t authentically Mediterranean. For this edition, he Greeked it up, drawing from his childhood, his many trips “back […]

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Finally... Food I Can Eat!

Finally… Food I Can Eat! (and you can too)

  Allergies. Intolerances. Sensitivities. Aversions. These days it seems like everyone either has one (or more) or knows multiple people who do. Sometimes we change our eating habits because of an issue like that. Other times we’re detoxing or trying a new eating lifestyle or simply feel like eating a particular way for one meal. […]

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undiet cover

UnDiet, is here & full of goodness

Meghan Telpner first book, UnDiet, is here & full of goodness. These are just some of the words of wisdom I’ve heard from Meghan Telpner over the years. The first is a more succinct variation on something I’d been saying for a long time: “Labels are for product, not people.” The last one was her […]

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Gail Simmons autographs

Gail Simmons came home with her mouth full

This is one of those blog posts that ruminates in my head for a few days, sounds great in there, and I hope that the words come out of my fingers as eloquently: Some things you don’t learn through Facebook I hadn’t heard the name in years. Back in 2008 I was scrolling through Google […]

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Book review: An Everlasting Meal leaves an everlasting impression

An Everlasting Meal: Cooking with Economy and Grace is Tamar Adler’s homage to great writer M.F.K. Fisher. I started Fisher’s anthology when I was in St. Lucia last winter but it’s such a hefty book that I didn’t get far. I like books that fit in my purse. An Everlasting Meal is one of the […]

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Reading my way through my liquor cabinet

I don’t mean that like reading the backs of cereal boxes. I currently have a pile of eight food books (or, more accurately, seven food and one wine) sitting in my living room, on the repurposed stereo unit that contains, appropriately, my wine glasses, wine, beer and spirits. On the top is Joel Salatin’s Folks, […]

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Hunt, Gather, Cook: Returning to our roots

This is the post that I wrote three days ago about Hunt, Gather, Cook and Stalking the Wild Asparagus. I found another 1200 words to write about it (written on Sunday, posted on Monday). A week ago I had no idea who Hank Shaw was. October’s promotional postcard for 86’D said “Book launch + interview […]

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