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Weber Grill Academy

Weber Grill Academy

“Grilling means good times, good friends, and hopefully, great food.” -Bobby Flay The Weber Grill Academy is Canada’s first Grill Academy, offering indoor grilling and barbecue classes. I had a chance to visit last month and here’s my experience.

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News from The Digestion Sessions: Nearing the End

Our final round of Digestion Sessions is now upon us, with more incredible tips and strategies for getting to the root cause of depression and anxiety, healing digestive problems in children, and solving diarrhea.

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Autoimmune Summit Day 8

Autoimmune Summit: Final Day

Today is the final day of the Autoimmune Summit. Listen to today’s talks and buy now before price goes up.

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Dr. Steven Sandberg-Lewis, Digestion Sessions

BOGO: Order Digestion Sessions, Get the Real Food Summit Free

If you haven’t ordered The Digestion Sessions yet – maybe you’ve been on the fence – now’s the time. Buy the package, get the Real Food Summit FREE. It’s a healthy BOGO.

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Order Autoimmune Summit

Feel like learning today? Digestive Sessions & Autoimmune Summit are on.

Here’s what on the schedule at the Digestion Sessions and Autoimmune Summit today. Come on in and learn to help your body be healthy.

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Autoimmune Summit

Also, The Autoimmune Summit

In which I promote The Autoimmune Summit, which I’ll probably buy to watch and read later.

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Digestion Sessions Starts Tomorrow

In this here post: The final 2 “digestion superheroes”, a FULL LENGTH cooking class (sitcom length, no commercials) that you can download with a cookbook, and a bit of a sales push.

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A Mind-Body Approach to Reseting Your Digestive Rhythm

Stress, Digestion & You

Register for The Digestion Sessions for access to preview videos. Buy the lifetime access package. Also meet the next digestive warrior fruit. Prepare to battle!

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The Digestion Sessions preview: Raspberries & more

The Digestion Sessions starts in 5 days with 25 experts. Eliminate digestive issues by finding the root cause and treating it naturally.

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ginger for digestion

The Digestion Sessions preview: Ginger, a Digestion Powerhouse

Ginger is an all around good root for culinary and medicinal use. Make it a regular aromatic ingredient, and eat the benefits.

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