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The Digestion Sessions preview: Kiwi

With their gentle astringent/sour taste, kiwis help rev up the body’s production of digestive enzymes, indirectly helping you break down your food so it can be best absorbed.

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dandelion greens

The Digestion Sessions preview: Dandelion Greens

Not just a pesky weed, is edible and nutritious for what they have & what they do. You should add dandelion greens to your menu.

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digestion sessions - pineapple

The Digestion Sessions preview: Pineapple to Punch Up Wellness

Pineapple had tons of health benefits. It helps with digestion, it’s anti-inflammatory, and is a great source of… (Read on.)

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Digestion Sessions - winter squash

The Digestion Sessions preview: Squash It.

Winter squash is a warrior for your digestive system, full of antioxidants & anti-inflammatory. And that’s just some reasons to eat it.

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digestive sessions - cabbage

The Digestion Sessions preview: Get Ahead with Cabbage.

Cabbage has the highest amount of some of the most powerful antioxidants found in cruciferous vegetables and is high in vitamin K

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Turmeric has enjoyed a meteoric rise in superfood fame and status over the last several years, and it is well deserved.

The Digestion Sessions preview: Turmeric, a Wonder Root

Turmeric is a superhero. Include it in your arsenal of weapons against illness. Its main active ingredient, curcumin is fun to say. Turmeric gives curry its colour.

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The Digestion Sessions preview: Blueberries and Gut Lining

In this Digestion Sessions preview: Why are blueberries so good for digestive health? What do they do for the gut? Read on.

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Digestive Sessions

The Digestion Sessions: Digestion and You

The Digestion Sessions is a free online educational event from November 6-23, 2014. It features 25 experts on digestive health.

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meal prep made easy

Meal Prep Made Easy Group Challenge

In my multiple-job busyness I’ve missed the boat on sharing the lead-up activities to this, but I haven’t missed it completely because there is still one more Q & A and one more week until the Meal Prep Made Easy Group Challenge begins. Read on…

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Celiac Awareness Month

May is Celiac Awareness Month

Read about Celiac Awareness Month. Get some resources, find out what gluten is.

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