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Prenup Pub's wurst salad

Prenup Pub: It’s About Beer Education

My review about Prenup Pub, for what it’s worth.

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Toronto Beer Week is here!

Toronto Beer Week celebrates craft beer with 70 bars and restaurants + 50 breweries, brew pubs and beer importers.

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The beer lobby: Big Beer, big business.

We hear about interest groups in the U.S. that influence politicians but does a beer lobby exist in Ontario? Big beer, big business.

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Wednesday Randomness

Some things that have arrived in my inbox and various social media channels recently + 1 announcement.

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Government Regulation & Beer Sales: Controversy Brewing

Big pharma… The corn lobby… The dairy lobby… The beer lobby? Is it Prohibition 2.0?

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Event: TALLBOYS’ Christmas Craft Beer Carnival

Like carnivals and beer? This carnival won’t have rides, carnies or clowns, but it will have a dozen breweries and delicious food.

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Toronto Beer Week

Toronto Beer Week is now

Toronto Beer Week is here, with over 50 events at 56 venues and 30 of Ontario’s best craft breweries participating.

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tonica kombucha

Tonica Kombucha & why you should try it

The first time I had kombucha was at Live Food Bar a number of years ago. I loved the first sip, and the second, but soon after the aroma of stinky feet filled wafted up from the cup and filled my nose and I couldn’t finish it. Still, I was intrigued. What is kombucha Kombucha is […]

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Tallboys brings craft beer to Bloorcourt

In a city of draught and bottles, cans can have an undeserved bad rap. Walk into Tall Boys Craft Beer House and you’ll find that there are NO bottles available, 5 taps and nearly 30 types of beer in cans with a couple of ciders – I’ve found Thornbury and Williams cider on various nights.

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Steam Whistle beer now available in growlers

Media Release August 2012 Steam Whistle Brewing adds Growlers to their take-home offering (Toronto – August 20, 2012) – A signature green glass bottle helped launch Steam Whistle Pilsner, and now the iconic Toronto craft brewer adds green glass Growlers to their take-home offerings from the Roundhouse.  Josh Hillinger, Steam Whistle’s Retail Manager has been […]

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