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Hate the word “superfood”?

Are you a superfood hoarder like me? Assessing and sharing some comments about superfoods that I read in the Renegade Health newsletter.

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The Awesome Life Detox: Open for Business

The Awesome Life Detox is open for business and it isn’t your typical detox program. Food is just one of 10 aspects of this life upgrade.

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The Awesome Life Detox: Ready to Be Awesome?

A different type of “detox”, The Awesome Life Detox looks at various areas of your life and doesn’t force green smoothies or juice down your throat.

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Molkosan Berry

21 days to a happier tummy

I did the “21 days to a happier tummy” challenge, using A. Vogel’s Molkosan Berry product daily for a month. Read about my experience.

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Rolling Meadow Milk

Got Grass Fed Milk?

Rolling Meadow Dairy makes dairy products from grass-fed cows, resulting in more nutritious product from happier cows.

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Food For what Ails Ya: The souper wrap up

Finishing the series about the science behind the curative properties of common foods to eat when you have a cold.

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I want to eat this RIGHT NOW.
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Food For what Ails Ya, Part 2: More Soupy Science Pho You

In which I move from chicken soup to pho. The Vietnamese live forever, don’t they?

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Food For what Ails Ya, Part 1: The Science of Soup

I researched the science behind chicken soup being good for illness ’cause I like soup and research. Chicken soup might work!

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meal prep made easy

Meal Prep Made Easy Group Challenge

In my multiple-job busyness I’ve missed the boat on sharing the lead-up activities to this, but I haven’t missed it completely because there is still one more Q & A and one more week until the Meal Prep Made Easy Group Challenge begins. Read on…

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Fab Uplift Detox

January is a fab time for a Fab Uplift Detox

On January 5, 2014 the Fab Uplift Detox group program returns. Order before midnight on Dec 29 for a free gift worth $20.

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