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Rolling Meadow Milk

Got Grass Fed Milk?

Rolling Meadow Dairy makes dairy products from grass-fed cows, resulting in more nutritious product from happier cows.

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Food For what Ails Ya: The souper wrap up

Finishing the series about the science behind the curative properties of common foods to eat when you have a cold.

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I want to eat this RIGHT NOW.
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Food For what Ails Ya, Part 2: More Soupy Science Pho You

In which I move from chicken soup to pho. The Vietnamese live forever, don’t they?

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Food For what Ails Ya, Part 1: The Science of Soup

I researched the science behind chicken soup being good for illness ’cause I like soup and research. Chicken soup might work!

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Digestive Sessions

The Digestion Sessions: Digestion and You

The Digestion Sessions is a free online educational event from November 6-23, 2014. It features 25 experts on digestive health.

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meal prep made easy

Meal Prep Made Easy Group Challenge

In my multiple-job busyness I’ve missed the boat on sharing the lead-up activities to this, but I haven’t missed it completely because there is still one more Q & A and one more week until the Meal Prep Made Easy Group Challenge begins. Read on…

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Princess Margaret Cancer Foundation logo

#twEATup for The Princess Margaret Cancer Foundation

The ELLICSR Kitchen program is designed to support people touched by cancer by giving you the skills and information you need to manage your diet.

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7 Day No Sugar Challenge

Go Sugar Free Today

Sugar hides in some surprising places and yes, it is pretty bad for us. Even “natural” sugar is still sugar. Give your body a break from it.

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Young Living Oils

Essential Oils for health

I’m not the only one in the family who wants educate about wellness. Meet my sister – great mom, creative cook and now Essential Oil expert.

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Day of Bacon

PaleoCon, final day: Curing Anxiety, Happiness & Cooking

PaleoCon Day 10 presentations deal with work anxiety and the pursuit of happiness & perfection, plus a few demos.

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