Contest: Win a pair of yoga tunic pants

This isn’t my contest, it’s Meghan Telpner’s. I have a habit of getting behind on Meghan’s blog, usually 5-7 days (other people’s blogs too). However, the person providing the prize for Meghan’s current contest is my sister and she told me herself about the contest. My favourite (only) sister and my favourite nutritionist partnering for a contest? That makes me feel warm of fuzzy so of course I had to share. Also, my sister’s company, Energy Xpressions, only distributes quality products. I only exercise in clothes from Energy Xpressions and I’ve been known to sleep in my Margarita brand pants from Energy Xpressions (Energy Xpressions being the distributing company of multiple brands).

Meghan says:

You know we are aaaaall about the yoga lovin’ here at the Love in the Kitchen headquarters. Seemed only fitting, along with our pals at Energy Expressions, that we’d be  giving away these SWEET yoga tunic pants, which I have been loving a long time. I’ll be honest though- I cut mine off to crops as that made them much more bicycle friendly for me.

The best bit about these skants (get it- skirt/pants), is that it’s like the very best of both worlds – pants and skirts, together in this beautiful marriage known as the tunic yoga pant. They keep our booty covered (think yoga wedgie), offer a little extra warmth for the kidneys and you never have to worry about splitting the seams in a downward dog.

They are especially great in my fave yoga poses- a toss up between a head stand, childs pose and everyone’s fave, savasna (that’s nap time at the end of class). And now that my book is done, at long last, I can resume my 2011 goal of doing a handstand. I bet these pants would be great for that too!

Contest is open until next Wednesday, March 6. What you see in the image above is the prize.

Read more & enter.

2 Responses to “Contest: Win a pair of yoga tunic pants”

  1. Carol Laimer
    March 3, 2012 at 4:59 pm #

    I think the “skants” will be a welcomed sport wardrobe addition not only for yoga but, cycling, rollerblading and just running around town! Wow to look fashionable before and during yoga class is a big bonus!

    My favorite bikram yoga pose is Trikanasana. I feel confident doing this beautiful position. My arm reaches up to the heavens like a piercing arrow and the universe feels my sense of accomplishment. Besides the psychological benefit, it does wonders for my legs, inner thighs, hamstrings and quads.

    • Andrea
      March 3, 2012 at 10:16 pm #

      Then I hope you entered at Meghan’s website!

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