The Digestion Sessions preview: Ginger, a Digestion Powerhouse

It’s getting closer…

The Digestion Sessions begins in just 6 days!

Sean Croxton of Underground Wellness Radio is hosting this free online event November 9-23.

Dr. Jillian Sarno Teta, one of the Digestion Sessions presenters, created some infographics as part of a “12 days of Digestive Health” series, giving permission for reuse.

#8 is one of my favourite roots for digestion and more, ginger.

ginger for digestion

The Twelve Days of Digestive Superheroes
Day 8: Ginger

Ginger is arguably one of the most important herbs/foods to consider for gut health. Not only does it have a long, rich history of use for stomach issues, the range of stomach issues can address is impressive.

Ginger is a go-to for nausea and feeling queasy. This could be taken in the form of tea or ginger chews or – gasp! – crystallized ginger.

Ginger can calm a stomach ache, soothe cramps and slash gas and bloating. It is a strong anti-inflammatory and thus is great for inflammatory bowel conditions. It is good to have on hand during cold and flu season, because it is also a strong antiviral.

It is great to have on hand for a wide range of tummy troubles & other complaints.

It can be used in cooking too.

The Digestion Sessions kick off in November, and feature 25 digestive experts digging in deep to the root causes of gut distress and what to do about it from a functional medicine perspective. There is SO much great info ready for you and I am SO excited to share it with you!!!

I love the taste of ginger. I love it in tea and in smoothies, in pho broth, and as juice. When I have a cold or nausea, or when I’m feeling cold. Ginger is good stuff. I use it several times a week. It’s a common aromatic, with onions and garlic.

And if you get creeped out by the look of it (because it looks like a mandrake) you can often find it frozen in cubes.

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