The Digestion Sessions preview: Raspberries & more

On Sunday I got an email from Dr. Tom O’Bryan. Honestly, I’m so overwhelmed with emails these days that I wasn’t going to read his, but it opened when I deleted the previous one in my inbox. I got two from him that day – overkill – but it turns out that one expressed something that shares my thoughts:

The world of online education has exploded this year. It’s much easier today to access extensive amounts of quality information than it was just two years ago! I know it can be overwhelming at times, but here’s how I look at it: It’s free, so I’ll register, check the schedule and listen to as many as I can. If I want to hear someone again or share a talk with a loved one, then I know I can purchase it and keep it forever. Nothing to lose, so much to gain!

And, never forget, if you learn just one single thing that improves your health or that of a family member, any time or money you spent was absolutely worth it!

His email was to promote The Digestion Sessions, The Anxiety Summit, and The Children & Teen’s Health Summit. I’m only actively promoting the first one, but I might check out The Anxiety Summit because I’ve heard it’s really good. He’s right, the world of online education has exploded. I buy the occasional one. A lot of it is repetitive with the same experts giving nearly the same presentation. Every other week, it seems, I get emails about another summit and a lot of the people whose newsletters I subscribe to are affiliates so I get basically the same email from different people through the lead up and duration of these events. Everyone’s trying to make some extra income.

Tying it back to The Digestion Sessions, yes I’m an affiliate but props to Sean for telling his affiliates,

Recently my inbox has been loaded with word-for-word, copied-and-pasted sample email copy for another affiliate launch. Honestly, it feels a bit yucky. I would MUCH rather you write something in your own voice and really connect with your readers.

Don’t get me wrong, I like the guidance, but I always reword them into my voice. Some of the pre-written copy is dripping with the same fake familiar tone. I feel yucky any time I read “my good friend” or “my dear friend” in relation to the person running the conference, as if that kind of connection would boost the host’s credibility because if you’re reading one person’s newsletter and they associate with someone else, clearly that person is in high esteem. I read it and wonder, “Do does person even know the person they’re talking about?” It feels disingenuous.

But back to today’s “superhero” food.



Dr. Jillian says,

With their delicate shape, floral aroma and can’t-describe-it deliciousness, raspberries reign as my all time favorite fruit.

I love them further when I contemplate what they can do for the gut and for digestive health.

Rich in a phytochemical call anthocyanidins, raspberries are strongly anti-inflammatory. They will work towards reducing a flared up, unhappy digestive lining.

Raspberries are low-FODMAP which means they are appropriate for many of those on dysbiosis/SIBO protocols.

Their gentle fiber, instead of being highly fermentable, helps build your normal, native, healthy flora.

I only eat fresh raspberries in season, otherwise I buy frozen for smoothies. I can’t stand imported berries.

As for why you should choose The Digestion Sessions, here are a few reasons:

  1. You’re interested in the topic. Duh.
  2. 25 functional medicine doctors, naturopaths, bestselling authors, and real food chefs reveal how you can eliminate your digestive problems by finding the root cause, treating undiagnosed infections, identifying the best diet for you, and healing your gut, naturally. I want to emphasize “identifying the best diet for you”.
  3. 48-hour free viewing periods instead of the usual 24.
  4. High Definition videos.
  5. 8 cooking classes including North Korean kimchi with Lemongrass and Mediterranean superfood meatloaf. I read today that Tim Ferriss eats a lot of kimchi – or did when he reported it in Four Hour Body.

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