Digestion Sessions Starts Tomorrow

The Digestion Sessions begins tomorrow!

The Digestion Sessions two-week educational event kicks off tomorrow at 11am but first there’s one more early bird session, a cooking class from Chef Lance Roll. This isn’t a snippet, it’s a full, 25 minute video.

Chef Lance prepares 3 gut-healing recipes for you:

  • The (not-so) Basic Cup of Broth
  • The Single Vegetable Soup Formula: Carrot Ginger
  • One Pot Paleo Thai Chicken Braise

Not only can you download the video to keep (watch it during your public transit commute!), but with it comes a mini-cookbook that includes every ingredient and instruction from Chef Lance’s class. Download it. Keep it.

Even if you don’t later buy the package, you’ve got this.

Be sure to grab your free downloads before they disappear Sunday morning!

Speaking of Sunday morning, that’s when the special Early Bird price for The Digestion Sessions Digital Access Pass officially ends.

Get lifetime streaming and downloadable access to:

  • 19 HD interviews with your digestion experts
  • 19 mp3 audio files
  • 6 HD video cooking classes
  • The Digestion Sessions Cookbook
  • 19 slideshow videos (yeah, we did both!)
  • 19 downloadable slide sets (so you don’t have to take notes)
  • Over 500 pages of transcripts
  • A bunch of bonuses!

The special early bird price ends Sunday, when the event kicks off. A payment plan is available.

Testimonials under the Chef Lance Roll video, straight from Facebook, include

Thank you so much Sean and chef Lance! Sean, I can’t thank you enough for the increadible quality of every single podcast or summit that you host! Keep doing what you are doing. You are the absolute best!

I’m just blown away by your generosity with all of this fantastic information. Thank you all so much.

Just made soup and it is More than amazing! Very good! Thanks so much for sharing! I needed this in my life.

You are the best, Sean! I am spoiled now, I expect all summits to be like this. 🙂

Sean, your website and podcasts/videos so freakin’ rock!! So glad I found them! Thank you for sharing all this valuable information 🙂

Pre-order The Digestion Sessions

Remember, you’ll get free 48-hour viewing access to each session starting tomorrow. The Digital Access Pass is for those who’d like to watch, read, or listen to the sessions on their own time – such as on your commute – and have this incredible resource at their fingertips whenever, wherever. It includes a bunch of bonuses and I’m almost certain that more bonuses will be revealed. I haven’t been told that, but that’s the formula of these events. The longer you wait to buy the more bonuses are offered because they really want you to see the value so you’ll buy. The pre-order price won’t be around forever.

Enjoy the cooking class and cookbook!

The final two Digestion superheroes:

zucchini for digestion

bee pollen for digestion

Here’s the scoop on zucchini and digestion:

Their sheer gentleness alone earns zucchini a prominent place of digestive superheroes.

Zucchini is a watery veggie that contains gentle fibers, helping to keep you regular, nourish your gut flora while not promoting overgrowth of bad guys.

Zucchini also is well tolerated by those individual who seem to be super-sensitive to everything and are on a restricted diet.

There also seems to be an overabundance of it in the summer and thus it does really well to be stored and used for later, like for zucchini muffins or bread

And on bee pollen:

Bee pollen is arguably one of nature’s most perfect foods. In it contains almost complete nutrition for humans (note: I am not calling you to only eat bee pollen ) containing amino acids, proteins, B vitamins, minerals and many other compounds. Some compounds we don’t even know about yet. Bee pollen cannot be created in a lab (like honey can).

In addition to being nutritive and easy to absorb – key components for those with touch digestion, absorption issues, deficiencies, etc – bee pollen has mild antimicrobial actin, helping to maintain bacterial balance.

It’s a superstar, for sure, and one that I mention in the Digestion Sessions as one of the many great foods to incorporate in your diet to help heal your digestive troubles and improve gastrointestinal function. There are about two dozen more experts talking about everything from food sensitivities, candida, parasites, functional issues, LPS, food demos, care for IBS/IBD and more.

Credit for images and quotes goes to Dr. Jillian Sarno Teta of Fix Your Digestion.

I’m not 100% sure, but Dr. Teta might be contributing a recipe booklet featuring all 12 “superheroes” to the event as a bonus. I know that she’s offering it to her own readership but don’t know if it will be extended to everyone. If she does, and you buy it through my affiliate links, the bee pollen recipe is “Rise and Shine Grain Free Breakfast Cereal”. Jillian says that it’s her husband’s favourite recipe.

Watch Chef Lance’s cooking class, register now or pre order all of it to keep. It’s your choice.

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