Feel like learning today? Digestive Sessions & Autoimmune Summit are on.

Digestion Sessions

Today the Digestion Sessions flips over to its next set of speakers, as the event has 4 speakers every 2 days, rather than a single day. Now playing:

digestion sessions Dr. Kelly Brogan

Dr. Kelly Brogan‘s talk is The Evolutionary Mismatch: Psychiatric Drugs, Preconception, and Probiotics. In this talk, Kelly Brogan uncovering the truth about psychiatric drugs, home birthing, breastfeeding versus formula, and probiotics. Digestion Sessions Tom O'Bryan

Dr. Tom O’Bryan‘s talk Extinguishing Inflammation: Putting Out the Fire with Real Foods, covering how to heal gut-related inflammation with real foods. You don’t want to miss what he has to say about oats, wheat bread, and white potatoes. Plus, he gives his take on the “study” that said gluten-free is a scam. Digestion Sessions Sayer Ji
Sayer Ji talks The Dark Side of Gluten: New Perspectives on Celiac Disease and Gluten Sensitivity. Even if you’re tired of hearing the whole gluten vs. no gluten argument – honestly, I am – give it a watch anyway. In it, Sayer Ji reveals the latest science — yes, real science! — on the many problems with gluten. He poses a really interesting question: Are reactions to gluten really just your body’s natural reaction to a toxic food? Something to think about. I’m interested to hear his take.

Listen here

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What’s included?

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And over at the Autoimmune Summit

The Autoimmune Summit is about the role of infections, toxins and stress and Dr. Tom O’Bryan is there too. You have 24 hours to listen to these ones.

Autoimmune summit day 2

Today’s Autoimmune Summit line up:

Alessio Fasano, MD- Role of Gut Permeability in Autoimmune Diseases: How to Distinguish Facts From Fantasies

  • How to protect your microbiome
  • Can you benefit from eating locally-grown food?
  • Learn how your birth affects your immune system as an adult

Heather White – Knowledge is Power: Understanding the Toxins We Are Exposed to and What to Do About It

  • Why you should always filter your water
  • What can you do to protect yourself from toxins?
  • Learn how to be a savvy shopper

Donna Jackson Nakazawa – The Last Best Cure: Insights Into Today’s Autoimmune Epidemic

  • How is chronic stress affecting you?
  • The importance of buying clean cosmetics
  • Why are women at a greater risk for autoimmune disease?

Tom O’Bryan, DC – The Gluten Autoimmune Connection

  • How does gluten trigger an immune response in your body?
  • Learn how to test for gluten sensitivity
  • What symptoms can be attributed to gluten sensitivity?

David Brady, DC, ND – The Role of Infections in Autoimmunity

  • Do viral infections cause autoimmune disease?
  • Using herbs and botanicals to clear gut infections
  • Why stress contributes to autoimmunity

Listen here

If you’d rather watch the sessions in your own time, as I would ’cause 5 talks in 1 day is a lot, check out the Autoimmune Summit Digital Access Pass.  Two-payment options are available for both packages.

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