Do you know Buster Rhino? He might give you stuff

There’s not really a “Buster Rhino”, though I sometimes think of a rhinoceros named Buster, which I would guess is part of the point. The name is an anagram of one of their products. (I’ll let you work on that.)

Buster Rhino’s is a group of Southern BBQ Restaurants located in Whitby, Oshawa and Uxbridge (cities near Toronto). The company also produces a complementary product line that includes meats, sauces, spices and rubs made from award-winning secret family recipes that use the freshest ingredients with no preservatives, additives or fillers. With three restaurants and a range of products it’s no surprise that they have a big following from across Ontario. Although Whitby is approximately a 40 minute drive (regular traffic flow) from Toronto, the store has regular customers who drive in from the city. Their food is outstanding. I’ve tried half of their sides and most of their meat. I’ve also had their habanaro salt used a few different ways. I used some in scrambled eggs once and the first time I tried it was with roasted pumpkin seeds.

-Read the history of Buster Rhino’s.-

Buster Rhino’s is currently running a daily contest on Facebook called “The BBQ Days Of Christmas”. December 9 was week 1, day 4. Here are the prizes so far:

  • Day 1: A certificate good for a Full Rack of ribs and two sides (good at any location)
  • Day 2: A Buster Rhino’s T-Shirt, rib dinner and a pack of BBQ Sauces
  • Day 3: 1 of each of the meats, and a 3 pack of BBQ Sauce
  • Day 4: 1 Caplansky’s T-shirt, 1 Buster Rhino’s T-shirt, 1 Sandwich Meal, 1 Sauce Pack

Want a chance to win? Visit their Facebook page. The wall is being updated daily with contest details and instructions. Follow the easy instructions, get a chance to win. Winners are chosen randomly.

This isn’t one of those “blog this for extra entries!” posts that I occasionally do – though usually that’s also about the blogger, a win-win situation. This one is out of the goodness of my heart. I seem to want to do stuff for business owners – such as promote and encourage – when I respect them and like their product. Buster Rhino’s owner Darryl Koster is a good guy, and his adorable wife is also really cool, and they’ve got a couple of kids. Go in, say hi, and if you see Darryl tell him that I sent you. At the very least, “like” their Facebook page and tag the wall saying that you heard about it from me. You never know, he might give you stuff.

Eat well, be well.

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