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I tried this smoothie this morning and it was delicious. Instead of almond milk I used my favourite So Delicious coconut milk. The maca I used was Organic Traditions Maca X-6 Black and Red-Purple which is gelatinized1. This is a good article about maca and the benefits of consuming the gelatinized version. I used Organic Traditions cacao powder 2, but any will do. If all you have regular cocoa powder use that (this article might help you differentiate between “cocoa” and “cacao” but as far as I can tell “cacao” is what some call the pure, unadulterated stuff – I’ve read the definitions and I’ve read disputes about their differentiation). I threw in a scoop of my favourite greens powder, Progressive VegeGreens®.

I’d also recommend tossing in a couple of coffee beans, or even a bit of instant coffee powder. You could add protein powder.

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1I don’t affiliate with the store that the product name links to, I chose the link for informational purposes. For other brands of maca you can visit Upaya Naturals, whom I do affiliate with and for which there’s a link to the right.

2I also recommend Nativas Naturals brand for products such as maca and raw cacao.

Featured image source (visible on home page & shares): Splendor in the Raw.


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