Finding Health & Wellness: An Update

logo519x395In April I announced my new website, Finding Health & Wellness. It’s currently in soft launch. There’s still more work to do, but I’m designing/creating as I go rather than creating the site separately and getting it all up at once. I want content up, even if it’s not perfect. The site looks completely different than it did when I first announced it here.

For a long time I couldn’t decide what to do with Andrea the Gastronaut. Keep it or leave it? It comes up in search engines so I don’t want to kill it.

After I went to a media preview for the Canadian National Exhibition recently I decided what I’m going to do:

  • I will keep Andrea the Gastronaut and use it for posts about local events including restaurant openings and possibly some product reviews.
  • My Twitter handle has changed from “@cdnfoodiegirl” to “@_andreatoole“. If you were following @cdnfoodiegirl, you still are, because Twitter treats it like the same account, not a new one. Further explanation:
    • The reason for the underscore: Someone with my name signed up for Twitter a few years ago and never used it. Twitter doesn’t release user names.
    • I still might change it again to some variation of “finding health & wellness” but by using my name I can use a single Twitter account for community announcements, promoting my freelance work in writing and social media and for other purposes. I have stopped using – but haven’t deleted- a second Twitter account.
  • My Instagram account is now findinghealthwellness.

I’ve been migrating content over but leaving introductions to posts here with a link to the new site. An example of this is a post I published here in May about eating liver.

The email address will remain active (it’s all in Google apps anyway), though you won’t notice the difference if you contact me via my contact form. I also might be slower to respond because with my gmail address and the two associated with my two website, there’s a lot of email to check and respond to.

Hope to see you over there.


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