Announcing Finding Health & Wellness


The answer was “no”. I needed to change something. And so I did.

Introducing Finding Health & Wellness, your guide to online health & wellness events.

My new business, Finding Health & Wellness, launches this spring.

Finding Health & Wellness fulfills a number of yearnings I have:

  • Write to educate (my blogging mission statement)
  • Work in the wellness industry
  • Get paid to learn
  • Teach without being in a classroom
  • Help people with their health issues without seeing clients directly (nor am I qualified to, though it’s still a possibility on the horizon)
  • Present a wide range of information, with a belief that one size does not fit all when it comes to health.

+ the flexibility to avoid rush hour, use my own technology and work the hours that best suit me (though I was working morning through late night for a couple of weeks).

I’ve had this idea in my head for awhile, and then the timing was right for a number of reasons, including but not only:

1. My work contract was coming to an end and I wasn’t fulfilled there. (See Steve Jobs quote.)

2. I was turning (then turned) 39 and didn’t want to leave my 30s unfulfilled at work.

3. I was finding quotes such as the one above in my inbox.

4. Marie Forleo’s B-School was beginning and my new business became my homework.

The screen shots below show what it looks like in draft form thus far. Those who sign up early will get a free gift (not immediately – I’m working on that).

I’m not yet sure what will happen with this site. I’ve begun the process of choosing posts to share over there, some edited. For now I’ll link to each website from the other. I don’t want to stop accepting event invitations. I like those. This website is also established. Clicking the screen shots will take you to the site.



I hope you’ll join me over there.

While it’s in the launch phase, like the Facebook page.

P.S. I’m still offering my services for social media, blogging basics, writing and other digital marketing help.


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