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{Update, March 2013: Meghan’s updated her website and links. See what’s new!}

A week ago I wrote about Foods for Healing, the brand new online course offered by Meghan Telpner with the goal of deliciously helping you be in the best health, whether you’re experiencing an incurable genetic auto-immune disease or something common such as PMS, headaches or insomnia, which can vary from mild to severe but that people often accept as just part of life. (I almost referred to those as “relatively mundane” with emphasis on “relatively” but imagined outraged under-slept readers.)

In this program, Meghan examines the therapeutic properties of foods in order to help you use specific foods to maximize their healing potential. This isn’t done separately from your diet, not as an “aside” or supplement to your diet, but part of it. Foods for healing are integrated into your lifestyle. You eat, you heal. It’s simple. I think that this simplicity is one of the reasons people are so reluctant to try it.

Foods for Healing

Yesterday Meghan announced a giveaway. Win a spot in Foods for Healing!

Disclaimer: I’m not posting this to win a spot (blogging receives 5 extra bonus entries). I’m not blogging this just because I’m an affiliate (though I’d LOVE to make my affiliation work – I could really use some income right now). I’m posting this because I truly believe Meghan’s ideology. Multiple times I’ve involuntarily entered Meghan’s giveaways because spreading the word is a form of entry, but I share for the sake of sharing. How can you not believe in healthy living in the easiest way possible? How can you not believe in solving health issues in the least invasive, least disruptive way possible?

Win a spot in Foods for Healing

1. Pop over to and sign in to the All Access pages – Everyone who does is automatically entered to win!
2. Tweet the tweetable beneath the free preview videos
3. Answer the Question of the Day in the comments below [Her blog, but go ahead and answer both at my blog and hers.]
4. Share today’s corresponding post on the Making Love in the Kitchen Facebook page (they love likes and comments, but they want shares for the giveaway). The post on the Facebook page is the one with the image that you see here, with the words “Giveaway time! Share this FB post for a chance to win a spot in our new online course Foods for Healing” above it.
5. Pin the above photo to Pinterest. Tag Meghan, @MeghanTelpner.
6. Post about this giveaway on your blog (and receive 5 extra bonus entries)

Winner will be selected on Saturday, November 10th so hurry on and get those entries in.

P.S. from Meghan:

Make sure you check out the freebie preview videos and let us know what you think! We are loooving all this awesome feedback- we happen to love lovenotes from you all.

Remember, registration opens this Monday, November 12.
Package details and pricing will be available tomorrow Friday, November 9th.

Question of the Day: How do you use foods for healing? 

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