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I’ve debated whether or not to do a Christmas list. On my blog I prefer not to write the same content as everyone else, or at least do it with a different spin. I’ve chosen 5 categories of gifts, for a 5-part series (one post per day), + a subsequent blog post being a list of lists curated by other people.

Most of the links are affiliate links, but I don’t list anything I wouldn’t endorse and buying products with my affiliate links would make my Christmas merrier.

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New books written by people I know:

I know some awesome people who have written books. People talk about the death of publishing, but in 2013 a number of people I know wrote books. Here are a few.

Everything Mediterranean, 2nd edition by Peter Minaki

The Everything Mediterranean Cookbook deserves a spot on your shelf. The collection of recipes and stories could become a favourite.  I blogged about it after the launch party. Read my blog post, Everything Mediterranean, 2nd edition.

The Canadian Craft Beer Cookbook by David Ort

The Canadian Craft Beer Cookbook

Sadly, I missed the launch for this, David’s first cookbook. However, prior to the launch I saw it in a bookstore and flipped through it. I didn’t buy it on the spot – I intended to attend the launch – but I want it on my shelf. My brief interaction with the book made me want to try hop shoots. I took a photo of the recipe for Hop Shoots with Warm Burrata and Prosciutto and got all excited when I saw a number of people I know in the acknowledgements. The Toronto food blog and food writing community is close. This is going to be an award-winner. It’s already appeared on a number of gift guides. In a followup post I’ll link to other lists.

Real Dirt by Harry Stoddart

Real Dirty Harry Stoddart

I’ve been meaning to get myself a copy of Real Dirt for awhile. I’ve read excerpts. I’ve bought eggs from the Stoddarts and have been listening to some of their stories for years. I was so happy to find out that Harry was being published. Real Dirt: An Ex-Industrial Farmer’s Guide to Sustainable Eating is a memoir and also a resource. Book description from Amazon:

Harry Stoddart has developed a farming system he believes is the starting point for genuinely sustainable agriculture. A sixth-generation farmer, Harry bought his parent’s swine confinement animal feeding operation two decades ago. He converted the farm to certified organic and then to a new system he feels will transform the way we raise and grow our food. In Real Dirt: An Ex-industrial Farmer’s Guide to Sustainable Eating, Harry tackles the major food industry problems, delving into the science and economic issues surrounding sustainable farming. He navigates through the “whys” and “hows” of GMOs, resistance-building doses of antibiotics, pesticides, and confinement animal housing, while elaborating on how he damaged the environment more in his first years as an organic farmer than as a conventional farmer. Harry skillfully educates eaters about how they can individually participate in and demand sustainable agriculture. Real Dirt challenges consumers to choose a better future for food production.

Read more at the Stoddart Farm website and the Real Dirt website.

UnDiet: Eat Your Way to Vibrant Health by Meghan Telpner

UnDiet: Eat Your Way to Vibrant Health

The drafting of this post was derailed when I read the announcement that Meghan Telpner’s UnDiet had won a world award. And so, you know you need a copy. And you know what you need to buy copies for your friends. Find out all that Meghan has to offer (her business offering, that is).

Not-so-new books I recommend

Meals That Heal Inflammation by Julie Danilk

TV host/Nutritionist Julie Daniluk released Meals That Heal Inflammation (subtitle: Embrace Healthy Living and Eliminate Pain, One Meal at a Time) in 2011. A couple of times a year she leads an Anti-Inflammatory Quick Start Program, an interactive, on-line, supportive community that extends and enhances the transformational “Anti-Inflammatory Live-It” plan from the book. Read more about that on Julie’s website and sign up for her newsletter to find out when you can enroll in the next program, scheduled for March. It occurred to me to do it this fall but then realized that the fall program had already begun.

Also watch for Julie’s new book, Slimming Meals That Heal: Lose Weight Without Dieting, Using Anti-inflammatory Superfoods, being released next April

Amazon upsells

In the “Frequently Bought Together” section of the page for UnDiet, it recommends buying UnDiet, Meals that Heal Inflammation and Wheat Belly together (Price For All Three: CDN$ 47.02). That same section on the page for Meals that Heal has links to Wheat Belly and the Wheat Belly Cookbook (over 150 wheat-free recipes). The Wheat Belly Cookbook page suggests Grain Brain: The Surprising Truth about Wheat, Carbs, and Sugar–Your Brain’s Silent Killers by David Perlmutter, who was one of the presenters at the Gluten Summit. Grain Brain is on my Amazon wishlist.

Want more book ideas? Check the Books category of my blog.

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