The Gastronaut’s gift guide: Education

I’ve debated whether or not to do a Christmas list. On my blog I prefer not to write the same content as everyone else, or at least do it with a different spin. I’ve chosen 5 categories of gifts, for a 5-part series  (one post per day), + a subsequent blog post being a list of lists curated by other people.

Most of the links are affiliate links, but I don’t list anything I wouldn’t endorse and buying products with my affiliate links would make my Christmas merrier.

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The gift of knowledge

Meghan’s Culinary Nutrition Expert program

Since I mentioned Meghan yesterday, how about buying yourself or a friend a spot in Meghan’s Culinary Nutrition Expert (CNE) program? Or, send a friend this link and offer to pay for some of it. Believe me, it will help.

Meghan Telpner’s Culinary Nutrition Expert Program

Other online courses from Meghan

Many years ago I bought my mom and sister gift certificates to Meghan Telpner’s The Love In The Kitchen Academy for mother’s day. The workshop that we attended together, the one about superfoods, changed my sister’s life. All of the courses are now offered in an online format.

Courses include Eating For Awesome EnergyThe Veggie TransitionRaw Food Power, Smoothie On Up, Juice It On Down, Sweet Tooth Healthy TreatsGluten-Free Baking, Healing Elixirs and Herbal Medicine, Edible Beauty CareMeal Prep Made Easy, Foods For HealingFundamentals Of Nutrition. See commentary on this list in this blog post that I wrote in September.

Making Love in the Kitchen

Education: Film and more

Hungry for Change? Check out documentaries from the Food Matters store, such as Food MattersHungry for Change, Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead  or Fresh, all available from the Food Matters store. The Food Matters store contains a collection of the Food Matters team’s favourite ‘must watch’ films on Nutrition, Natural Healing and Sustainability as well as books, guides, food products, and more.

Education: Online summits

  • The Gluten Summit. The Gluten Summit covers everything you need to know about gluten and gluten sensitivity.  Read about it here and here. Buy one of the all access packages for a friend.
  • The Real Food Con. Full lifetime access to the Real Food Con online health summit where 29 of the world’s boldest, most sought- after natural health authors, researchers, speakers and teachers present real food solutions for accelerated fat loss, reversing aging, and living disease-free.
  • The Paleo Summit. Curious about the paleo lifestyle? When you buy this package you will receive 8 days (over 18 hours) of presentations from doctors, researchers, and diet experts that will give you the scientific and practical information you need to make the best decisions about your diet and lifestyle.
  • The Healthy Mouth World Summit, featuring an expert panel of dentists, doctors, nutritionists, and authors.

…Or sign your friend up for cooking classes of another sort, or buy them an “Intro to” course for something they’re interested in.

Watch my blog tomorrow or subscribe to updates via email or RSS. Wednesday it’s about sharing the gift of experiences – because who needs stuff when you can make memories?

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