The Gastronaut’s gift guide: Gadgets & fun stuff

I’ve deliberated about whether or not to do a Christmas list. On my blog I prefer not to write the same content as everyone else, or at least do it with a different spin. I’ve chosen 5 categories of gifts, for a 5-part series  (one post per day), + a subsequent blog post being a list of lists curated by other people.

Some of the links are affiliate links, but I don’t list anything I wouldn’t endorse and buying products with my affiliate links would make my Christmas merrier.

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Fun stuff

There are some things we never grow out of. I didn’t grow up with a Christmas tree and stockings, but I did unwrap my share of toys. I had a fake Christmas tree for a few years when I lived with roommates, trimmed a tree with neighbours, and have a bag that stores Christmas lights, tinsel and such. Now that I have a non-Jew partner, I do get the tree experience at his parents’ house. One of these years we’ll get a tree. He insists on a real one, which I fear the dog would eat.




I’ve created a few customers. Alton Brown is a fan too. I rave about super-fast Thermapens often. Between my man and I, we own 3 Thermapens + more products from the company.  He encouraged me to get one before we moved in together, and the company recently sent me a backlit Thermapen for review. They’ll change your life if you cook.

For Christmas, Thermoworks is offering free gifts with orders: Orders over $49 get a free Magnetic Meat Temperature Guide. Orders over $99 get a free Flexible Oral Thermometer. At $99 you get both. With Thermoworks’ Buddy Sale, if you order 2 or more you save.  For example, the regular Thermapen, $96  for one is $85 if you buy two or more. The backlit version is $112/$99.17. The Thermoworks ChefAlarm is $52 instead of $59. Spatulas & Spoonulas are $8 instead of $10. Thermoworks sells all sorts of accessories, books (30% off all), apparel, aprons, burn spray and more. Take a look at their gift guide for full information.

Be Strawesome!

I really like Strawesome glass straws. They’re eco friendly and pretty. I have at least 4 (without leaving to go count), including a bendy straw for smoothies. That Party Time Smoothie Set of 6 is currently 15% off. Want to take your Strawesome out of your home without fear of breaking it? Take a look at the To Go Combos that include a case and cleaning brush. How perfect is that for your desk drawer? Very. Makes great stocking stuffers.

Strawesome is offering free Shipping for Canadian Orders of $69 or more through December 31. Even if you’re not interested in the straw itself, take a look at their website. It’s a really good product site, and I like that the navigation menu is a glass straw.


I have many t-shirts from ThinkGeek. They have clothes, gadgets and toys. They have cool aprons, like this Doctor Who TARDIS Apron, this Tactical Chef Apron, or this Star Trek Starfleet Uniform Apron. Buy a friend a Darth Vader Cake Pan or Domo Toaster. They’ve got gift sets too, such as the Doctor Who TARDIS Kitchen Gift Set and the Star Trek Kitchen Gift Set. Take a look at There’s something for everyone. Shipping to Canada can get expensive but small things are sent regular mail and you can sign up for Borderlinx, which gives you a U.S. address for U.S. shipping costs. It’s like having a friend in the U.S. accept packages for you, only Borderlinx then sends your package across the border.

Gaiam wellness products - Organic Home Goods, Natural Clothing & Everything Yoga! Click Here!
I’m going to include GAIAM products here even though they’re not gadgets. Gaiam is a provider of information, goods and services to customers who value the environment, a sustainable economy, healthy lifestyles, alternative healthcare and personal development. Products include yoga accessories such as mats and bags, clothing, fitness videos, stuff for back care, skin care and detox, and so much more. Shop Gaiam.

Watch my blog tomorrow or subscribe to updates via email or RSS. Friday it’s about the gift of giving as well a roundup of lists curated by others, the latter which will give you ideas for more toys to buy.

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