The $12 billion gluten free fad could be making you sicker

It’s a potentially controversial claim, which is one of the reasons that I’ve been looking forward to Jordan Reasoner’s Real Food Con presentation. Here’s a story I’ve been telling for the last 13 months or so:

All during school a naturopath I know thought that the gluten free fad was just that – a fad, and that it was bullshit. When she starting practicing, she took some patients off gluten to see. Turns out, there’s something to it. Most people respond favourably to a gluten free diet.

I think that “glutenwashing” is a thing now. I heard a claim “sugar free and gluten free” in a commercial this morning. I forget what the product was, but I think it was tea or something. My sleepy response was “but [product] doesn’t have gluten!!” It’s really part of “healthwashing”. I’ll rant about gluten free another time.

There are so many good slides in Reasoner’s presentations, like this one:

“A minute exposure to gluten can stimulate an immune response that’s been shown in the research to be active for up to 6 months.”

and this one:

gluten free cure or fad

With the gluten presentation, the Real Truth About Workout Fuel and Transitioning to Real Food Three Days at a Time, I feel that today has something for everyone.

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So today’s Real Food Con email:


Subject: He Says Gluten-Free is Just Another Fad…

It seems like everything in the supermarket has a “gluten-free” version these days.

Even foods that never contained gluten in the first place!

But just because it’s gluten-free, does it mean that it’s any healthier for you?

Today, Real Food Con presenter Jordan Reasoner will give you the lowdown on what he calls “junk food in disguise”.

But first, I’ve got a BIG announcement for you…

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Introducing Your Day 6 Presenters.

Jordan Reasoner exposes The $12 Billion Gluten-Free Fad — Why It Could be Making You Sicker. Find out how to spot unhealthy “gluten-free foods” a mile away, the 4 damaging ingredients that dominate most foods with the gluten-free label, and how to fight the 3-headed monster that makes gluten such a problem…

High-fat endurance athlete Ben Greenfield reveals The Real Truth About Workout Fuel — How to Say Goodbye to Engineered Frankenfoods for Exercise with Real Nutrition. You’ll learn the 3 dangerous additives that make your protein powder toxic, exactly what to eat after a workout, and the marketing tricks those “electrolyte drink” companies play on you.

My main man Terry Shanahan gives you his BEST tips for Transitioning to Real Food…3 Days at a Time. Hear Terry’s incredible story of how he used real foods to heal himself from what his doctor thought would leave him “disabled”. He’ll also show you how to break through the 3 biggest barriers that may be keeping you from thriving on a real food diet.

Paying 5 bucks for a bottle of kombucha? Well, did you know that you can make it at home for just a few pennies? Camille Macres shows you exactly how to do it in the Real Food Con kitchen. She’ll even whip up a couple of kombucha cocktails for you! Serve em up with a side of her Veggie Crackers or her Sweet Potato and Bacon Latkes. So good!!

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