Gone fishin’


Today is Victoria Day!

Although Victoria Day is a Canadian federal holiday that celebrates the birthday of Queen Victoria, it’s also the unofficial start of summer, when people open their cottages for the season, and this year the weather agrees. This year I’m thankful to be a part of someone else’s tradition, spending the weekend “camping” with my man and friends next to his parents’ summer home on a lake. (It’s a trailer in a trailer park/campground, but to me it’s a cottage.)

I’ve been here since Thursday evening, not leaving until tomorrow. My laptop is at home. I’m typing this on my iPad. I haven’t checked email since leaving the city, using this and my iPhone mostly for taking photos and reading. Sleeping in a tent, eating food made over fire and gas, drinking beers, mimosas, Caesars, sangria. It’s been Sunny and hot all weekend. Tough life. I kind if feel like I haven’t earned it.

Whether you’ve got a long weekend or not, I hope you’re having a beautiful day!


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