Green Living Show- March 27-29, 2015

Shrink Your Foodprint at the 2015 Green Living Show

What would you do with leftover kale stems or mushroom stems?  Do you keep your chicken skin after you remove it from the chicken or throw it out? Do you buy bruised ugly fruit? Do those bruised strawberries go to the compost?

According to 2014 data from the Guelph Food Waste Project:

households produce 10 lbs of food waste per week, 60% of which was fresh fruits and vegetables. Click To Tweet

This year The Green Living Show presents The Mindful Plate, during which a number of chefs will serve food using ingredients that are commonly overlooked, or that includes bits that are usually thrown out. Visitors can enjoy food demos showcasing how to get the most value out of their grocery bill, learn great tips and tricks on storing and preserving food and as well as how to get creative with leftovers and have a greener kitchen.

I attended the media preview on Wednesday at Hawthorne Food & Drink and sampled food from them, Scout Canning, Urban Acorn Catering and Pegasus Hospitality Group. Among my favourite bites:

Using chicken skin as a chicharrón

Chicken chicharrón crisps with whole chicken & carrot kimchi by Ricky Casipe of Hawthorne Food & Drink. I loooove kimchi. The first few times I tried it, around 2000-2002, I hated it, but at some point my taste changed.

Chicken chicharron crisps with whole chicken and carrot kimchi

Chicken chicharron crisps with whole chicken & carrot kimchi

I’ve had the idea to do chicken chicharrón nachos.

Cow tongue

Cured cow tongue slider Haitian Pikliz from Urban Acorn’s Daniel Holloway:

Urban Acorn beef tongue sliders

Cured cow tongue slider Haitian Pikliz

Haitian Pikliz is basically Haitian coleslaw, a combination of pickled shredded cabbage, carrot, onions, shallots and habanero peppers. I grew up on sliced pickled tongue. I think that pulling it probably makes me to accessible and enjoyable to people turned off by tongue because to is texture. You can feel the cow’s tastebuds when you eat it sliced. Through the experience of eating sliced tongue it’s easy to be aware that in your mouth you have part of an animal that was once alive.

“Ugly fruit” bread pudding

Also from Urban Acorn, was the Vegan bread pudding with ugly fruit compote (strawberries) with flaxseeds. It used stale bread.

Vegan bread pudding with ugly fruit compote

Vegan bread pudding with ugly fruit compote

Don’t throw away those bruised strawberries, cook with them!

According to 2014 data from the Guelph Food Waste Project:

70% of unavoidable food waste, and 50% of avoidable food waste was fresh fruits and vegetables. Click To Tweet

Tip: Ugly fruits and vegetables are often sold at a discount at supermarkets. Sometimes they have a rack full of the stuff. If you shop at a farmers’ market, ask a farmer to bring you bruised stuff next time. Often they’ll do it at a discount. I was once offered a few free cobs of corn that customers didn’t want because the corn displayed spots that had been chewed by bugs.

Tip: Stale bread can be used for bread pudding and is ideal for making breadcrumbs.

Kale stems, mushroom stems

Ontario Kale and Mushroom Sten Hand Pies with Crumbled Cheddar Crust by Steffan Howard of The Pegasus Group:

Ontario mushroom and kale stem hand pies - The Pegasus Group

Ontario mushroom and kale stem hand pies – The Pegasus Group

You could make stock with those bits and pieces from vegetables, or you could make hand pies. Flakey, delicious hand pies, with a cheddar crust.

Regarding the cheddar in the crust, here’s an excerpt from a pamphlet that was on Steffan’s table:

Why Cheddar?

In our large scale events and operations at Pegasus Hospitality Group, we buy cheese in bulk and slice or cut to whatever required specifications are needed (i.e. slices for sandwiches, chunks for cheese platters, etc.). There are always leftover pieces or crumbs….”

And Steffan had this really cool oven with him that I dubbed “An Easy Bake Oven”. There was a story with the oven.

A ceramic stone at the bottom. Perfect for heating up hand pies

A ceramic stone at the bottom. Perfect for heating up hand pies

– Buying it but not eating it creates more waste – households need to plan and regularly check their food inventory inventory

More information about The Mindful Plate.

Green Living Show 2015

Other highlights include

  • Clean Care Beauty Event: Clean Care is recognizing the best in all-natural beauty products at the Clean Care Beauty Awards. Learn about the harmful chemicals in products and shop for makeup and skin care products that are effective and toxin-free.
  • Green Car Test Drives
  • EcoParent Village
  • Sweat Equity Yoga and Fitness Stage

…and more.

Dates & Hours
Friday, March 27 12 p.m. – 8 p.m.
Saturday, March 28 10 a.m. – 8 p.m.
Sunday, March 29 10 a.m. – 5 p.m.

Metro Toronto Convention Centre, North Building
255 Front Street West


Adult Admission $15.00 each
Seniors (65+) $10.00 each
Students (with valid photo ID) $10.00 each
Children 12 and under FREE (must be accompanied by an adult)

OR get in free in one of two ways:

  1. Bring a piece of e-waste to be recycled. (Such as old cell phones or other electronic devices, laptops, computer cables, stereos, fax machines, printers, keyboards, radios…)
  2. Show your March TTC Metropass, GO Presto card or Live Green Card at the door

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How do you reduce food waste?

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