Hi, remember me? I used to be a food blogger

I wanted to pop in and post something brief, because I felt compelled to write this, and if I don’t write when I feel compelled, it won’t happen.

For years I’ve been posting about FoodShare‘s flagship fundraising event, Recipe For Change. I described the event this way three years ago:

Recipe for Change is a celebration of food with a purpose that supports FoodShare’s innovative and multi-faceted work in schools toward Food Literacy for all students from Junior Kindergarten through Grade 12, to ensure that our children have a healthy future.

Some years I write an announcement piece, other years I go and do a wrap-up post. Often times it’s been on my birthday.

This year I got to participate from the other side of the table. It was different for many reasons:

  1. With the North Building of St. Lawrence Market under construction, it moved to a temporary structure.
  2. Better lighting (in my opinion) for food photos.
  3. New chefs/restaurants including… US!

And it was really cool on my side of the table! I love serving food and making people happy. It brings me so much joy. I walked around and tried other people’s food. My favourites included Nick Liu’s/DaiLo’s Big Mac Bao, the tacos from Carmen (our neighbors in the next station) and Daniel Cancino/Lamesa Filipino Kitchen’s Coconut Pork Adobo. That said, by the time I walked around, a lot of the food was gone. I only tried about a half dozen things. Did I mention that I love feeding people? It’s part of my desire to help people, to serve, to be of service.

Here’s a great photo from Food Junkie Chronicles (I always give photo credit with link to their site, especially because I don’t always ask first):

Photo credit: Stella Yu

Photo credit: Stella Yu. See those little animals? I took a trip to the dollar store that morning. I was going for “barnyard fiesta” as a theme.

We received lots of great feedback on our serve-yourself taco bar. I tweeted one of my favourites immediately so that I’d have it on record. It will go into the testimonial file.

It was kind of strange seeing fellow food bloggers from the other side and it was really nice too. A lot of them are really good bloggers with really good photos. I never quite nailed the photography part. Inspiring the title of this post I kept finding myself thinking, “I used to be one of them.” and saying things like, “Remember when I was a food blogger?”

Until that evening, I didn’t realize that I don’t think of myself as a food blogger anymore. I’m not certain what I am. A health and wellness writer, though I’m looking for my niche and recently brainstormed ways to find topics.

Linda, who blogs as Starving Foodie, got a great photo of me and included it in her wrap up. It was a good decision of me to put on some makeup for the event, though I probably should have taken the cotton gloves out of my pocket. I wear two pairs of gloves when I pull pork. The cotton ones keep me from burning my hands (but ouch, the hot meat still burns) and the leak-proof latex-but-not (I forget the material) keep my hands dry.

Photo credit: Linda Matarasso

Photo credit: Linda Matarasso

I kind of miss this food blogging thing. I’ll return to it from time to time.

In the meantime, check out Finding Health & Wellness, follow me on social media via the links on that site, and sign up for my newsletter there. It’s fun. Watch my journey evolve. I’ve got some ideas for wellness specialities. A bunch of content from this website has migrated over there, but only the relevant posts. (I mean, who, after attending a cooking class for food bloggers sponsored by a rice milk brand, writes about anti-nutrients in rice?)

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