Happy Canada Day!

Gay Canada flag

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As I type this, I WISH I was at a cottage, but I’m not complaining. I had a sleep in and now I’m sitting on my balcony with a cold mocha (made myself with coconut milk).

Happy Canada Day and Happy Pride!

One is a national holiday, the other should be. I love that the Zemanta blogging add-on came up with that flag when I typed “canada flag” into the media gallery search. I hadn’t even thought of it. Yay for queer friendliness! There a whole lot of pride this Canada Day long weekend, with the parade ending Pride Week on Sunday. It’s kind of strange not living next to the gay village anymore. Now it’s a destination, whereas Pride Week used to be a combination of awesomeness and nuisance (but only one week of the year, and it was great being able to be out and about, stop home and go back out).

See you tomorrow at Food Truck Eats!

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