How would you Herbamare? Yes, it’s a verb now.

Herbamare: Now a verb, it seems

I’ve been Herbamare-ing for quite some time. Years. As I said in a post last year when I participated in A. Vogel’s bioSnacky campaign,

 We already use A. Vogel’s Herbamare seasoning in my house. We keep a big container, while I have a small baggie of it at work.

(The big container we keep is Costco-sized.)

Then last January in one of my “Detox Diaries” posts I mentioned using Herbamare in crackers that I’d made.

And so when the opportunity came up to participate in A. Vogel’s Herbmabare Blogger campaign I jumped on it.

Herbamare Original

What is Herbamare?

Herbamare is a natural fine sea salt infused with fresh herbs and vegetables. Use it to replace table salt. It our home we don’t have regular table salt. We have kosher salt (Diamond Crystal) and Herbamare. Herbamare comes in 3 varieties:

My favourite now is the Herbamare Zesty, possibly because I’d never tried it before this campaign. The sodium-free uses potassium chloride instead of sodium. It’s not for me but I suppose I’d recommend that people who need to restrict their sodium intake taste it.

Ingredients in the Zesty variety of Herbamare:

Sea salt, celery, leek, watercress, onion, chives, parsley, lovage, chili, pepper, garlic, horseradish, basil, marjoram, rosemary,thyme, kelp.

The Herbamare Original has the same ingredients minus the chili. Most of those ingredients are organic and all have health benefits – though with the small amount of salt product one uses, I don’t think organic or health-promoting benefits are significant. More like “nice to see”. You probably wouldn’t brine with it or cook pasta in it, but you’d use a teaspoon in cooking and use it as a finishing salt.

Herbamare Trio

How do I Herbamare?

Here are some of the ways I was already using Herbamare prior to the campaign:

  • Sprinkled on half an avocado, then eaten with a spoon.
  • When making crackers that couple of times.
  • Sprinkled on roasted vegetables.
  • Sprinkled on cucumber slices, sometimes with a little olive oil or another oil, sometimes with some mustard seeds and/or dill.
  • Over salads (not in the salad dressing itself).

But when this campaign came up I wanted to do something different, something new. I decided that since I’d be camping at Rock Point Provincial Park for a weekend in mid-June I’d take the three Herbamare products that I received with me. The package I got from the company included 90 gram containers which are perfectly sized for travel.

And then, my boyfriend and I forgot some of our food stuff at home when we were packing, Herbamare included.

A few days after our return I used Herbamare in a cauliflower crust pizza (wheat free, yeast free, gluten free, LOTS of cheese). My tweet about it:

A Twitter conversation with a friend that followed implied that that Herbamare might not be as easy to find as I thought.

Not to be derailed from my camping plan completely, and requesting an extension to the campaign (THANK YOU, Justice), I tried again during my 10 day camping trip that took us to 5 campgrounds. That’s a lot of potential meals to make. 10 days = up to 30 meals. Only 1 dinner involved burgers, 2 dinners involved hot dogs or weiners, we rarely ate lunch because of late breakfasts- and some days we were in transit, some days we skipped breakfast, and about 3 or 4 meals were eaten at restaurants (one of which was on a boat).

The most common use while camping was in eggs. I would often toss the small container of Herbamare Zesty from our “pantry” through the open window onto the six foot table that serves as our kitchen.

We also used it in chicken rub a couple of times. On our last full day at Mikisew Provincial Park we seasoned some chicken thighs and put them on the cooker to smoke after breakfast so that they’d be ready to shred into pasta sauce for dinner.

And we used it in rice. One evening at Fairbank Provincial Park in the Greater Sudbury Area we stuffed yellow peppers with rice as a side dish to steak. The peppers came from a road side stand.

Steak, pepper & rice

I’d like to have taken photos of all our food but we kept running out of power on our phones and it turns out that my Galaxy Note 3 draws a lot of power from our battery booster pack. We’re so reliant on our cell phones for everything and though we’d planned well for non-electrical sites (as all 5 were), that we dismissed the idea of taking a separate camera or two. Lesson learned.

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