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Again, I’ve been hoarding. Some of these are over a week old. That’s bad. On the other hand, I’ve also been breaking my RSS feed addiction and checking news less often. That’s good.
(This post doesn’t come with free frogurt, nor is it cursed, and nothing I provide would ever contain potassium benzoate, because I’m sensitive to preservatives.)

  • Not Far From the Tree wants you to help tap that! Maple trees, that is. If you don’t get the NFFTT newsletter, aren’t following them on Twitter and didn’t hear Laura Rainsborough on CBC with Andy Barrie, this will be new. [Not Far From the Tree]
  • Transitioning over to a healthy, whole foods way of living is not an easy switch to make. Meghan offers a few basic tips and tactics that can help get you started. [Making Love in the Kitchen]
  • What gives cocoa beans their characteristic taste that we all know and love? Ever the plethora of knowledge, Meghan knows! [Making Love in the Kitchen]
  • Apparently Americans don’t have milk in bags. Nor do people on the west coast of Canada.  [Toronto Star, BlogTO] Growing up we always got bags of milk. I recall finding jugs odd.  Interesting that bags use 75 per cent less plastic than jugs.
  • Buyer beware: gas explosion at Caplansky’s Delicatessen caused by secondhand fryer. [Caplansky’s blog]
  • This shocked me, though it probably shouldn’t have: Wash those prewashed greens! [National Post]

23 days down and smiling.

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