I've been hoarding these stories. Time to share.

From last week:

  • Author Marusya Bociurkiw who spoke at the Spezzatino event gives her account in her blog entry Good Food and Good Intentions [Recipes for Trouble]  There was so much food inside that I didn’t venture out to the Smoke’s poutine truck, which she praised. The one time I went to Smoke’s I was disappointed but I’ve never ruled out the idea of going back. Plenty of people love the place so maybe the gelatinous gravy and fries of inconsistent temperature were the result of time of day or an off-evening. Maybe I should have returned the poutine and asked to have it redone. I didn’t think to but maybe I should stop being so damn polite when I go out to eat.
  • 30 Secrets Your Waiter Will Never Tell You [Reader’s Digest] #30 is heart warming.

From this week:

  • London Named ‘Most Vegetarian-Friendly City’[PETA, via ecorazzi]
  • Hershey’s Packaging Perfectly Contradicts Itself [MediaBistro]
  • 20 Things Worth Knowing About Beer [Oatmeal]
  • New kosher cookbook serves up Southern classics [JTA]

Another season of Top Chef ends tonight. I’ll watch on the weekend, hopefully avoiding spoilers before then. It’s been a boring season but one with the best talent. I’ll take talent over compensating for lack of it with editing to make “good TV”. Not to say that the editing wasn’t contrived but hey, it’s TV.

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