It’s Local Food Week!

I heart local  - Local Food Week

This week is the first ever Local Food Week in Ontario.

I love me some local food and supporting local farmers. I used to be a farmers’ market junkie, some weeks going to a different market every day, and I’ve been involved in a CSA for many years. I eat Ontario-raised meat when I can and fruit and vegetables in season, drink Ontario beer and wine, and buy a lot of Ontario made food products. And so I was excited this afternoon when I learned about Local Food Week from a colleague at the Ministry of Agriculture and Food and Ministry of Rural Affairs and through one of our intranet sites.

Local Food Week

From the Local Food Week website:

Finding locally grown, fresh, tasty food in Ontario is becoming easier all the time – and the diversity of the products available is incredible.

All throughout the year, there is a constant supply of locally produced meats, eggs, dairy products and greenhouse vegetables available at grocery stores, farmers’ markets, farm retailers, restaurants and community events.

With the arrival of spring and summer, the choices are even more plentiful as dozens of long-awaited fruits, vegetables and flowers come into season.

Ontario’s 37,000 farm families are proud of the quality and variety of the food they produce – and they’re grateful to Ontarians for buying them.

By buying local, you’re not only getting nutritious, delicious and environmentally friendly groceries – but you’re supporting your neighbours, friends and the local economy. We thank you for that!

Join us in celebrating Local Food Week June 2 to 8, 2014 and the abundance of great food products available to all of us.

Yes, join them!

  • Share a picture of your local food. Nominate your friends to do the same. Challenge your friends on Twitter or Facebook with the hashtag #‎loveONTfood.
  • Take a look at the Event Calendar.
  • Want to win an Ontario local food package valued at $200? Enter here.
  • Follow Local Food Week on Twitter: @LoveONTFood / #LoveONTFood

Whether you’re in Ontario or elsewhere (Yukon Territory, perhaps?) how do you do local food?

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