UnDiet, is here & full of goodness

Meghan Telpner first book, UnDiet, is here & full of goodness.

Labels are for tin cans.

Start where you’re at.

I’d rather have a burger with a friend than a salad with an enemy.

These are just some of the words of wisdom I’ve heard from Meghan Telpner over the years. The first is a more succinct variation on something I’d been saying for a long time: “Labels are for product, not people.” The last one was her quoting a nutrition school teacher.

Meghan’s been a part of my world for a number of years now and our lives are intertwined in various ways that come both from living in the same city and being Jewish in the same city. I first was introduced to her blog via a link. I recognized her last name.

Fact: Meghan’s brother Michael and I were in a Grey Cup (Canadian Superbowl equivalent) Halftime show together when we were in high school together in the mid 90s. (He and I are a year apart in age.)

Fact: A couple of years into knowing Meghan her dad designed the logo for an organization that I helped co-found, but I had nothing to do with the decision to use his agency.

Fact: A number of years ago the Telpner siblings did a charity bike ride from Toronto to Montreal with one of my best friends.

Fact: Her first niece and my sister’s first child were born around the same time. The two little ones have met.


Meghan is truly one of my favourite people, and I know I’m not the only one because I see how people respond to her online. I’ve been writing about Meghan for years. Do a search for her name in the search field and you’ll see. As an affiliate (see link to the right and down) I’ve sold her ebooks, online programs and workshops. I’ve attended her workshops, one of which I attended with my sister and mother as Mother’s Day gifts to them both. I went to St. Lucia on a retreat with Meghan two winters ago.

I think it was during the Vegetarian Food Fair in 2011 that her mom told me that Meghan had been offered a book deal. I was so freakin’ excited.

Now that it’s gone #1 on the Amazon list, the week of its release I’m over the moon. It’s Meghan’s first time at bat. Not everyone gets to #1 with their first book but she’s that awesome.

I signed up to be one of Meghan’s “Ambassadors” (of course I did) and read a preview copy on my iPad. I then ordered three copies, which arrived today.

UnDiet Amazon Best Seller


Before reading it I thought, “What am I going to read or learn that I don’t already know?” Turns out, more than I thought. I took notes while reading the ebook. Here’s my own “behind the scenes”:

“At the end of the day, sometimes life does suck monkey balls. That just means that we’re going to have to learn to love monkeys.”

That statement inspired me to create this image after a long search for a “monkey banana” image:

At the end of the day, sometimes life does suck monkey balls.

Statements like these are one of the reasons I like her.

“Crunch on carrots, not on candy” reminded me of “hugging carrots”, and so I searched my own photos for Everdale Farm carrots:

Crunch on carrots, not on candy

“We do not experience things as they really are! We experience things only through a filter and that filter determines what information will enter our awareness and what will be rejected. If we change the filter (our belief system), then we automatically experience the world in a completely different way.”
– Meghan quoting David Wolfe.

I noted a bunch of recipes and some gorgeous photos.

Chapter breakdown

  1. Eat Your Way to Vibrant Health
  2. The UnDiet Foundations – in which she describes what a calorie is and why calories aren’t bad.
  3. Start Sipping
  4. Just Eat Real Food – “real food” isn’t chemicals, additives, fake meat (yuck), preservatives, food colourings and on. This is one of my favourite chapters for its action items. You might know how much I love the phrase “Just Eat Real Food”. The Underground Wellness website uses #JERF has a Twitter hashtag and has clothing with the slogan. I’ve been trying to play business matchmaker between Meghan and Sean for months.
  5. Making Love in the Kitchen – I loved the colourful charts that show how to store produce
  6. Raised in a Barn? – Table manners, mindful eating, digestion and more.
  7. Kicking the Cravings
  8. There Is No ‘Away’ – Where she gets into the discussion of “stuff”. Chemicals in packaging. Environmental implications. Package-free cooking.
  9. A Touch of au Naturel – Edible beauty and home care. What we put on our body is as important as what we put in it. Toxins are absorbed transdermally and enter the bloodstream quickly. I’m fortune to have a copy of her Natural Body Care ebook and to have attended her Natural Body Care workshop. Because neither is available anymore, this chapter is reason enough to buy the book.
  10. Love What You Do and Do It with Love – It’s not just about the food, it’s about sleeping and moving and breathing and flossing and having a good poop and exercising your creativity and bonding with nature and thinking positively. UnDiet is so much more than un-diet.

Bonus: Recipes throughout, gorgeous photos and an 8-week Transformation guide in the back of the book and a meal plan!

UnDiet Book view

At the beginning of the book she tells the reader to take other people’s opinions with a grain of salt:

“Part of the UnDiet is creating your own rules. I may suggest something to you, and someone else might tell you something different. I am not your body or your mind. I don’t know how you feel. Only you do. This means that sometimes, you are just going to have to make up your own mind based mostly on your own opinions.” – But then she calls people on bullshit excuses. She talks about listening to your intuition because often you know what you really need. She wants you to make informed choices.

As you know, food can hurt you or heal you. It can save your life or contribute to ending it. Think about it. Also think of all the other little things in your life, your actions from the time you wake up until the time you go to bed.

As Meghan always says, “Start where you’re at.” Make small changes. Her 21 Days to Health ebook program was about just that with the subtitle 21 simple & easy tasks that integrate healthy living into daily life.

I rarely read books on paper anymore. I go on Amazon and buy Kindle editions for my iPad, I buy from iTunes or I put ebooks on hold on the library website and read those when the license becomes available. UnDiet needs to be read, on paper, in all its beauty. The colours and the photos.

Get your copy:

You could hop on over to an online bookseller or to your local bookstore or you can visit the UnDiet web page. I recommend doing that because on the other side of that link you’ll read this:

Order your book and join the UnDiet Party.

  • Present 1: The UnDiet Test Drive program.
  • Present 2: A “Behind The Scenes” tour from Meghan of her book and her kitchen.
  • Present 3: Invitation to join the UnDiet Book Club (commencing April 24th)

Details here.

Once you have purchased your book, head on over here and enter sign up to receive your presents. 

The “test drive” is a meal plan with recipes and more. And you never know what other goodies she decides to hand out.

Stay tuned for a chance to win a free copy.

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