My inner yogini: Days 5 through 7. One week down.

Yoga Day
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The first week’s done! How did I do?

Tuesday January 19, Day 5

This is the one day that I didn’t make it. I originally planned to take a one hour class at 8:15pm but didn’t want to be out that late because I was tired. Beyond that it was a combination of finding a class that I was comfortable taking – so level 2 vinyasa was out as was a 75 minute class – and one that wasn’t too late. I made it to a class four days in a row, though.

Wednesday January 20, Day 6, IAM Yoga

Had a lovely Yin Meditation class. A lot of stretching on the floor and holding of stretches. A lot of releasing. The “meditation” at the end wasn’t much of one (it was one of those focus on this part of your body, then that one – bottom up – meditations that I don’t feel count as such), but it didn’t matter because it was such a small component of an otherwise useful class. After class I grabbed some food and drink with the studio owner and had some nice conversation. It was after midnight when I left the bar. As I walked to the subway I strongly missed living in my old apartment, which was right there. I considered the possibility that I wouldn’t make it to a class today, and the thought that this was the result of being tired because I was out late with a yoga studio owner amused me a little.

Thursday January 21, Day 7 (today), Kula
Got out of work too late to make the intended 5:00 and Moksha’s Thursday evening schedule doesn’t appeal to me. Consulting the schedules on my cubicle wall and rechecking online the schedules for some other studios, I chose to take the 6:30 hothour class at Kula. It was my first visit to this studio. A few observations: I noticed that I didn’t begin sweating immediately. Eventually I was, but it was still noticeably less hot than the studios I’m used to. At one point the teacher walked to the part of the room that I was in, the back by the windows, and observed that it was really hot. “Really hot”? That’s “warm” in other comparison to the other studios. 🙂 I actually checked the thermostat after class and saw that it was set to 36°C (I’ve been told that IAM’s goes to 40°, Moksha Uptown’s between 100-104°F, so 38-40°C) . The temperature suited me fine.

I can’t decide what I thought of the class itself. It was different than the other two studios, more like classes that I’ve attended at non-hot studios. It’s not my studio of choice so far but I am going tomorrow for a non-hot class. Yesterday we talked about change room size and how you don’t want people bumping into each other while changing. “Bumping” is exactly what was happening at Kula. Every few seconds – and I could be misjudging but not deliberately exaggerating – I heard “I’m sorry”…”sorry” or said it as women tried to squeeze by one another, doing their thing with little room to move. There seems to be a choreography required in getting people out from one class and getting people in for the next and a small change room does not make for an efficient changeover. I guess they make do and studio owners have to work within their square footage restrictions. It’s a busy place. Mostly university students, it seems.


7 days, 6 classes. Not bad. I had no intention of going to classes every day for 40 days. Life happens. I figured that if I did 5 or 6 classes per week I’d be good. People that I suggested the challenge to were reluctant, fixated on the number of days, as if daily practice – in a class – is mandatory for success. The idea is to incorporate yoga into your daily life. Carve out some time. Even if it’s just a matter of sitting quietly for a few minutes in a meditation (or pseudo-meditation) or doing a few yoga poses or stretches. I figure that stressing about not being able to make it to a yoga class is the antithesis of yoga. Stressing out about yoga certainly isn’t yoga. Allowing yourself the freedom to do what you need to do, being patient with yourself, yet maintaining the discipline for the majority of time in order to have that “you” time, that’s yoga.

7 days down, 33 to go. My grippy Yogitoes towel is getting slippery on the top side. Could be a sign that it needs to see laundry again.

Tomorrow begins week 2.

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  1. January 22, 2010 at 1:56 pm #

    Good work with the daily yoga! I need to follow your example. Good luck with week 2!

  2. January 22, 2010 at 5:30 pm #

    Thanks for sharing your experiences. My week has been a little out of control so am going to try to check out both Kula and Iam next week.

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