Happy 1,000 blog post to me!

I was going to write a different blog post here but then saw that I was at 999 posts. Darn it, now I have to post something special!


I’ve been blogging overall since about 2000 (we called them “online journals” then), using a website manager (Netscape). Then I used Livejournal for years. Then I used a domain name called “verbing-nouns.net”, which I no longer own.

In May 2008 my food blog was born out of the fact that I wanted to keep blogging but narrow my niche. Like me, this site has gone through many changes. I’m on my third address since, went through a vegetarian phase that I knew was a phase, and I’m on my third or fourth relationship (this one likely for life). Funny thing: My chiropractor and I recently talked about the fact that that I’ve been seeing her for 7 years. This makes her one of my longest term “relationships” (though I’ve been seeing my hairdresser since I was 3 – except for a few years in and after university – and jokingly refer to him as an “uncle”).

This site gone through multiple theme changes and a couple of host/server changes. The host change (GoDaddy to Dreamhost) is why many posts are missing images.

My first blog post from canadianfoodiegirl.com is from May 20 and says:

New content coming soon

In the meantime, see http://www.verbing-nouns.net/thoughts.html. Posts will be copied and pasted over, an onerous job. One for a slow work day.

The second links posts at that domain.

A few posts later I talked about drinking a Starbucks DoubleShot. I was working a job with a 6:30am start. I saw that product in the store recently and remembered that very day that I drank it. I was BUZZED.


In December 2008 I went to Peru. I remember the day I booked the trip, from work, I hung up the phone and told co-workers, “Holy shit, I just booked a trip to Peru.”

Ceviche in Lima

Ceviche in Lima

I remember being terrified that I was going to fall, holding onto the rock with dear life.

I remember being terrified that I was going to fall, holding onto the rock with dear life.

Then in February 2011 I went to St. Lucia on a Meghan Telpner retreat at Balenbouche Estates.

Breakfast in St. Lucia

Breakfast in St. Lucia. This photo is on some of my business cards from Moo.com.

There have been trips to New York (read Eating My Way Through New York from November 2011 and my post about my October 2012 visit), a road trip down to Memphis and various travels for barbecue contests in the summer of 2012.

Some of my posts over the years have been fluffy, some vulnerable. This one, about Gail Simmons coming home to launch her book took multiple edits over multiple weeks and I felt especially vulnerable about it because I was talking about myself. I’ve had some regular themes such as “news bites” (news wrap ups). I’ve done some restaurant reviews and product reviews. I called Baskin Robbins out on healthwashing. I’ve regularly written about local organizations whom I think do good work, such as The Stop, Not Far From the Tree, FoodShare and Ocean Wise. I’ve promoted individual wellness experts such as Underground Wellness and Meghan Telpner, the latter of which is one of my most used tags (stay tuned later today for a post about her Fab Detox program). I’ve read and reviewed some great books. An Everlasting Meal is still one of my favourites because it’s so practical and easy. I refer to it occasionally.

Recently, while putting together a writing portfolio, I compiled a list of my favourite blog posts from this blog. Not favourite of all time – it’s been 4.5 years – but favourite from the last couple of years.

…To go through all 1,000 would be going down a rabbit hole for many hours. If you’d like, select a random month from “archives” on the right. It’s a fun game.

My goal of this blog is to educate. I don’t like posting the same content as everyone else so I always try to put a unique perspective on it. This is especially true when I go to an event attended by many other bloggers and media.

Earlier today I asked myself why I suck so much at promoting my blog: All I have to do is schedule a bunch of tweets directing people to posts, but I don’t. I do it for social media clients, but not myself. Then I wondered if I want eyes on my blog. Maybe subconsciously I don’t. That can’t be right. Of course I do. Even though I don’t do it daily, I love to write and share knowledge. My task for myself going forward is to promote my blog more and also post most often. It wasn’t long ago that in a blog entry I mentioned something that had come to me in a meditation. I’m paraphrasing here rather than going back to find it: A blog post doesn’t have to be a whole “thing”. It can be a few lines of commentary. It can be reference to an article, or a comment that I made in response to someone else’s blog post. That said, I start a new full time job in January, and have a couple of freelance clients to whom I’ll be directing my time. Putting my writing time and energy towards writing that pays is priority.

Here’s to the first 1,000 and to the next thousand, if I keep it going that long. It took me 68 months to get here.

Tell me:
What’s your favourite post from this blog?

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