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15 Days To Freedom Blog Challenge

Suitcase Entrepreneur Natalie Sisson is facilitating the free 15 Days to Freedom Blog Challenge to start off 2015 with and she’s giving away one spot on her exclusive 8 week program, The Freedom Plan, valued at $1,000.

Naturally, I’m doing it in the middle of the Awesome Life Detox Challenge. It’s a little crazy that I’m doing both and I question my ability to complete the blog challenge, which I’m beginning a day late. (Day 2’s challenge is answered at the bottom.)

Why this challenge?

  • It’s a new experience. New experiences is one of my 2015 goals.
  • I’ve been blogging since before there was a term for it, but that doesn’t mean I know all or that I should stop learning.
  • To try new approaches to blogging and to be open.
  • To discipline myself. I tried blogging daily for a month once and at the end I felt burnt out and realized that quality had suffered for quantity.
  • ’cause why the hell not? If I don’t blog one day, no problem.
  • To create extra blogging challenges for myself. For example, could I keep this post to 500 words or less?

I should probably do this in my other blog but I never really got it off the ground. It was a project when I was freelancing full time and I haven’t written in it in 9 months.

The challenge for Day 1:
Detail out your Daily Success Plan (2-3 steps). And blog about it.

Didn’t I JUST write a visioning exercise for the Awesome Life Detox? Yes, I did. I envisioned my ideal day, in 2 long term scenarios, and rewrote the second as my short term vision so I have 3 visions. I didn’t really put “blogging” into my visioning exercise, but could designate it as “creative work”. My envisioned day includes I create all day. Words, maybe pictures. I brainstorm ideas. I feel…

Lit Up

In the Day 1 video Natalie requests,

“I want you to think about what you currently do when you get up in the morning and how you feel and how that impacts on the rest of your day.”

and later says,

“You can add to and detract to it as long as you are feeling in control, free, productive, happy and excited about the work.”

Free, productive, happy, excited are key, I think.

Because I’ve done the visioning exercise, this is easy. As when I was in university and I used to write multiple papers on the same topic with some of the same information, I can copy my “homework” from one challenge to the next. I got off easy today. The visioning exercise though? That was a challenge. I did it two days late because I needed time.

My ideal day

The following is my vision for the first half of my ideal day, short term. It’s quite similar to my current routine.

  • I wake up in our current apartment, no later than 6 a.m. My man and the dog are sleeping.
  • I go to the kitchen and turn on the kettle.
  • I meditate for 10-20 minutes.
  • I prepare and drink my lemon water that might have cayenne pepper or turmeric in it. (5 minutes)
  • I shower and get dressed. (10 minutes)
  • I walk/run the dog for 30-40 minutes.
  • I prepare breakfast (15 minutes), maybe start dinner, feed the dog.
  • I gather my lunch (if prepared) and anything else I need for the day.
  • I kiss the man and dog goodbye.
  • Out the door by 8 a.m., I walk to work or take transit
  • I create all day. Words, maybe pictures. I brainstorm ideas. I feel lit up.

I’m probably under-estimating how much time I need. However, duration of breakfast prep varies. If I’m slopping hot oatmeal into a container, it’s a couple of minutes. If I’m making a green smoothie – the way I putter around when I make smoothies – it’s more like 15. I’m more likely to do smoothies in spring, summer and fall and oatmeal in winter. There might be a coffee when I get to work.

To answer Natalie’s question:

I currently meditate, drink one litre of warm lemon water and spend some time with the dog. This impacts my day. One of the reasons I do a whole litre of water is that if I forget to drink enough water during the day I know that I’ve gotten that litre in me.


MIAs are Most Important Actions. They are the things you do first thing before you do anything else that are going to going to push you further personally or professionally. They are the priorities that will give you the most impact for the time and effort that you’re putting into them. Never have more than 3 in a day.

Day 2 of the Challenge is Identify just one MIA to achieve in the next 15 days. Typically you’d set yourself up with 1-2 to focus on each day and not more than 3. Natalie claims that this will make you feel like a rock star, super successful, and in control.

Off the top of my head:

  1. Update my blog schedule/ideas list. Designate each idea a day. I have 2 partial posts that must be finished and published.
  2. Spend time – but limited time – on Twitter engagement.


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