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You may have noticed that my blog was down for awhile. Maybe you got completely dead website, or maybe you saw the default WordPress home page with “Hello, World!” (in the past I have paid homage to that by titling blog posts that way on purpose), or maybe you were fortunate enough to get a page with a message saying that I KNOW it’s down and I’m working to get it back up.

English: Program Hello World Česky: Program He...

English: Program Hello World Česky: Program Hello World (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I changed web hosts.

And, being easily distracted and in my haste to change settings for the migration before my hosting was set to renew, I got distracted while exporting my site and, well, didn’t do it. As a result I didn’t have a site to import, and I had to do it the harder way, via file transfer and database backup, export and import. It should have been simple, but it didn’t work. Many emails back and forth with my new host, a phone conversation, escalation,  more emails. The same advice repeated over and over. Finally someone over there figured out what was wrong in my settings.

And now I’m back with a backlog of posts.

Posts on deck include:

  • A post about one of my current favourite social media tools: Edgar
  • A recap about my evening at The Weber Grill Academy.
  • Some anecdotes about my experience with Young Living Oils, and the soft sell. (I just put in my second order and have a wish list going for a third.)

And a couple more. The domain name might change too.

I hope to get a new post up tomorrow.

Hope you’re all staying warm. Don’t forget to support your local restaurant during these coldest winter days. A lot of them (ahem) will provide takeout so you can grab dinner on your way home from work and not have to leave the house again.


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