Ontario Gas BBQ recipe challenge. Win for voting.

Ontario Gas BBQ Recipe Challenge

Ontario Gas BBQ is holding a recipe challenge.

In celebrating the BBQ season, 5 food-savvy bloggers have been selected from the Toronto GTA region to compete in a recipe challenge using Ontario Gas BBQ grilling tools. Each blogger (Challenger) will create 5 original recipes, one of which will be selected to be part of a fan vote to compete against the other Challengers.

No, I wasn’t selected as one of those bloggers. I was, however, selected to promote it, and that’s just fine with me.

Ontario Gas BBQ Recipe Challenge Program Details

June 2nd–20th: Ontario Gas BBQ Recipe Challenge begins and is shared on the Challengers’ Facebook & Twitter. Recipes are then posted daily on their respective blogs for 5 days from June 16th – 20th.

July 1st – 31st: Fans vote for their favorite recipe during this period. You can vote daily! Stuff that ballot box! (Or spread the love among multiple challengers.)

August 8th: Final Winner of the Ontario Gas BBQ Recipe Challenge announced.

You can follow along with hashtag #OGBChallenge.

Ontario Gas BBQ Recipe Challenge Challengers:

Check out challengers’ websites and OGBChallenge posts. There are some amazing recipes in there.

Ontario Gas BBQ Recipe Challenge Prizing Details

Throughout the challenge there will be prizes available for fans who vote for a Challenger’s recipe. By voting, entrants immediately are eligible to win one of five prizes ($100 Gift Card to Ontario Gas BBQ). Winners are randomly selected through Ontario Gas BBQ’s voting app, hosted on their website, and will also be featured on each Challengers’ Blog as link to OGB’s website.

Plank Grilled Steak and Bacon Bites

Plank Grilled Steak and Bacon Bites.
Image: Steve Cylka, The Black Peppercorn.

I interviewed Steve Cylka (The Black Peppercorn) about the tools he’s using for this challenge and then I noted some of my own responses.

Q. What tools are you using for this challenge?

A. I am using a smoker box with wood chips, a pizza stone, circle skewers, wood planks and v-rack roaster

Q. Of those tools, which is your favourite and what makes it so great?

A. By far, my favorite tool is the wood planks. I plank grill all the time and it is great for grilling some of the more delicate foods. Obviously, salmon is the most popular food to grill on a plank of wood, but I love using them to grill cheese, brownies, garlic loaves and more. The wood not only protects the food but it also gives them a mild smokey flavor.

[I never thought to use plans for brownies! That’s a fantastic idea!]

Q. What’s your favourite BBQ tool ever, and why?

A. This is not the most exciting tool, but I would have to say my Thermapen. I feel that a digital thermometer is one of the most important tools for grilling, as it helps you know when the steak is medium rare, the chicken breast is cooked, or the pork roast is ready for making pulled pork. The Thermapen is the most accurate and quickest thermometer I have ever used and I keep it in the pocket of my BBQ apron all the time.

[See, he endorses Thermapen too! A few days ago I grabbed one of mine to check the temperature of a pot of water. You could buy a Thermapen at Ontario Gas BBQ in Vaughan, north of Toronto, or you can buy online. If you subscribe to their newsletter you’ll get notices of sales.]

Q: What is your favourite BBQ dish to make?

Ribs, ribs, ribs, ribs! For me, there is nothing that matches a perfectly grilled rack of baby back ribs. I love them sweet, sticky with a lot of sauce.

[With a side of wet naps?]

Q. What BBQ dish would people be surprised is way easier to make than they might think?

Cedar planked salmon. As long as the wood plank has soaked long enough, it is almost impossible to ruin the salmon. Not only is it super easy to make, but it comes off the grill and can taste as good as anything you could get at a restaurant.

[No doubt!]

So many great recipes to choose from

I don’t know if I’m allowed to vote on a recipe and win in the Ontario Gas BBQ recipe challenge,  given that I’m being paid to blog about the contest, but there are so many amazing ones to choose from that it might just come down to challengers’ having current family, friends and fans stuffing the ballot box.

There are some amazing recipes in the OGBChallenge.

Challenger Kitchen Frolic has a grilled breakfast quesadilla recipe that I’d like to try while camping. Seasons and Suppers has a recipe for Banana Bread Pudding with Coconut Caramel Sauce that made me swoon, as did The Messy Baker’s Smoked Sugar Ice Cream with Roasted Strawberries (if I asked my man he’d probably tell me that he’s smoked sugar before, though I’ve never had it). Be Nice or Leave created recipes such as Grilled Maple Sausage Breakfast Hash (maple wraps??), Mole Turkey Tacos with Jicama Slaw, and Inspired Gado Gado Lettuce Wraps with Roasted Garlic Peanut Dressing. And of course, Steve’s Grilled Steak and Bacon Bites, and Venison Shanks.

Starting July 1, through the entire month, you can vote for your favourite.

How to vote in the Ontario Gas BBQ recipe challenge

1. Visit www.bbqs.com/bbqrecipechallenge

2. Vote. Here’s a screenshot:

Ontario Gas BBQ Recipe Challenge - screen shot

screen shot of voting page

3. Complete the entry form

4. Share with friends for additional entries.

5. Vote daily for more entries.

See full contest rules and regulations.

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