Most Popular Posts, 2014

What were people clicking on this year? Here’s the top 10:

  1. Ontario Gas BBQ recipe challenge. Win for voting.
  2. Windup Bird Cafe: A new hub for culinary activism
  3. 5 Food trends that have jumped the shark
  4. Win a Pair of Tickets to The Delicious Food Show
  5. Meet Zomato, Your New Restaurant Review Source – I liked this one a lot.
  6. Detox Diary day 12: The BEST detox friendly bread – I wrote this almost a year ago. I made the bread twice. It’s time to make it again.
  7. One Month to Delicious Food Show!
  8. Dinner with the IT Crowd– I actually posted this in June 2012 but it was one of my top hits this year.
  9. Event: Macaron Day Toronto 2014
  10. 5 reasons to visit Luminato’s Taste of the Beach This Weekend

What does this tell me? That I need to do better at promoting my own posts, that’s what. I knew that already, though.

Some of my favourite posts from 2014 include

I also liked 5 Food trends that have jumped the shark, the Zomato post, and the Windup Bird Cafe post. I also tend to like the short ones that take an idea and riff on it, or when I read something and use it as a writing prompt.

My 2015 blogging goals include
-Rebranding – I recently bought one of the domain names what I’d originally wanted, that’s closer to the name of this website. I intend to do the transition early in the new year.
-Getting a new health and wellness affiliate website up and running. I’d hoped to get this done over the holidays but I haven’t been as productive as I wanted to be.
-Promoting this blog better. This May this blog will be 6 years old.

Have a wonderful new year.


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